InnovaCare Health Participates in the Learning and Action Network (LAN)

Officials of InnovaCare Health, a leading provider of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid health plans in Puerto Rico, has announced the organization’s participation in the Learning and Action Network. It’s an initiative aimed at transiting the U.S. health system toward alternate payment models. Payment will be based on quality rather than quantity of services. As a LAN dedicated partner, InnovaCare Health looks forward to supporting LAN accomplish its mission of accelerating the transition to quantity-based payment models.InnovaCare Health devotes to supporting the LAN’s mission to transit the U.S. healthcare payments to alternate payment methods. Participating in the LAN Nationwide Data Collection Effort and quantitative data survey will help InnovaCare Health measure progress toward these goals. Besides, InnovaCare will categorize payments based on the APM Framework. The announcement signifies InnovaCare Health’s commitment to advancing the healthcare industry. Richard Shinto, the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare says that joining LAN nationwide data collection efforts will reinforce InnovaCare Health’s mission to redefine healthcare management. That will help provide patients with access to coordinated, economical, innovative, and quality-driven health care services. Payment reform will assist in building stronger patient relationships.

About LAN

It’s a payment platform for private, public, and non-profit sectors to share efforts to transform Puerto Rico’s health system. The platform emphasis on quality rather than quantity of care. The LAN was launched in 2015 to help accelerate the adoption of alternate payment models. It focuses on shifting from the current healthcare payment model to quality care and improved health.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare, Inc. is a leading provider of managed healthcare services in Puerto Rico. It operates the leading health plans, PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare in Puerto Rico. Its membership comprises of over 200,000 individuals served by a network of over 7,500 care providers. Besides, InnovaCare manages two Medicaid plans within the Puerto Rican government health plan to provide broad benefit coverage through a coordinated care model. In fact, InnovaCare offers the Island’s only NCQA-accredited health plans.Richard Shinto partners with Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare to provide members with quality healthcare by creating sustainable healthcare models. Under their leadership, InnovaCare Health looks forward to integrating its health care models with advanced technologies. InnovaCare Health commits to providing quality and affordable healthcare by creating sustainable healthcare models. InnovaCare views its patients as long-term partners and strives to meet their personalized needs.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Helps Arizona Justice Project and Paz

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera fund started because of the unlawful arrest of two journalists. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were removed from their homes on October 18, 2007 in the middle of the night by Maricopa county sheriff Joe Arpaio.

They were unlawfully detained due to articles they were in possession of that contained information about the sheriff Arpaio. Larkin & Lacey are the co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

After their arrest the grand jury subpoenaed information pertaining to the identities of those who read the Phoenix New Times story online that contained information about Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin spent their life as journalists adhering to the first amendment right to free speech; they decided to sue Maricopa County for infringing upon that right. These two journalists prevailed in the US Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit and were awarded an impressive $3.75 million.

Larkin and Lacey have decided to use their law suit winnings towards fighting for the rights of migrant workers in the United States and established the Frontera Fund. They fund several migrant rights organizations throughout the state of Arizona.

These organizations are support groups that that are advocates for civil and human rights. These groups also promote the freedom of speech and civic participation along the Mexico border and all throughout Arizona.

Promise Arizona which is locally known as PAZ is one of the support organizations that the Frontera Fund supports. Paz is the Spanish word for peace and this organization was founded in 2010 when members conducted a prayer vigilant the state capital in Arizona. This faith based human rights group held demonstrations on court house plazas not only in Arizona but also in Washington D.C.

Some of Paz’s highlighted accomplishments include training young leaders, conducting non-partisan voter registration drives, and hosting clinics to inform and educate people about deferred action for childhood arrivals.

This community outreach organization goes door to door and asks members to join their cause with the end goal of creating a more friendly and all-inclusive Arizona.

The Arizona Justice Project is another group the Frontera fund supports. The goal behind this group is to help those who are incarcerated and claiming innocence are able to get their claims heard rather than slipping through the cracks. This group also hopes to help those who are in jail and suffering from diseases such as PTSD.

They want to ensure that all inmates receive the proper care that they should be receiving. The members of this Fronter Fund supported group believe that injustices happen to individuals and this causes our collective freedoms to also suffer.

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Daniel Mark Harrison is Changing the ICO Market with COVEAL Tokens

Monkey Capital is a hedge fund with investments in Blockchain systems, takeovers of hostile public companies, and SpaceX supply contractors. The company additionally speculates on blocks of Crypto. As the first ICO to become successful selling options, Monkey Capital has made history. The options are called COEVAL with the value on Waves DEX at 15BTC. This was accomplished due to the management team at Monkey Capital, compelling projects, and high quality operations.

According to the Huffington Post, Monkey Capital is a baboon worth a billion. Monkey Capital is getting ready for their ICO launch on July 15th and buyers will be given the ability to subscribe for Monkey. Several months ago the management team at Monkey Capital distributed a type of token called COVEAL. COVEAL lets their holders buy MNY tokens available at a reduced fixed rate at an auction. Once the existence of the tokens slipped out there was an impromptu slack. After the pricing and functionality of the tokens had been explained to the investors, Waves DEX saw a volume explosion.

Daniel Mark Harrison is a popular media commentator and an entrepreneur. He serves Daniel Mark Harrison & Company as the CEO and Chairman. Their offices are located in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. Daniel Mark Harrison additionally serves Fintech as a managing partner, as well as Monkey Capital. Monkey Capital is a firm specializing in blockchain venture capital. He has been published through numerous prestigious sources including Portfolio Magazine, The Daily Dot,, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal. He frequents business news channels as a guest and has appeared on CNN, Reuters, and Bloomberg.

The academic achievements of Daniel Mark Harrison are noteworthy. He was responsible for the development of Factory Banking which is currently the most commonly used value configuration model. The model is used for transactions and businesses regarding the Internet of Things. His most recent work is on a new pricing model for the market. This model is designed to challenge the validity of the pricing models for the Free Market Economy. The model is being referred to as the Bipolar Market Economy Equilibrium.

Louis Chenevert’s Impact Remains at UTC

The way in which United Technologies Corporation (UTC) manages its corporate culture has several components that are worth emulating. Believing that their employees are the lifeblood of the firm, UTC goes out of its way to invest in their happiness and satisfaction. One program that has created a lot of cultural goodwill within the firm is the Employee Scholar Program has covered the cost of approximately 39,000 degrees for its employees, in whichever subject matter interested them, reflecting an investment of close to $1 billion. In addition to this program, UTC believes that innovation in its products is another vital aspect of a successful endeavor.

UTC’s previous Chief Executive Officer, Louis Chenevert, is responsible for a lot of this positive culture that continues to grow even after he has stepped down as CEO. During his tenure, UTC repatriated numerous engineering positions back to their Connecticut headquarters and continues to manage its business in such a way as to avoid layoffs that are quite common in the aerospace industry. It was his belief that investment in the future was key to the health and growth of the company, and to Mr. Chenevert, that investment in the future included investments in the employees as well as innovation of its products.

This former CEO also purposefully managed the business cycles of its various divisions in order to minimize the occurrence of boom and bust cycles that can lead to layoffs. This diversification across industry segments helped to ensure uninterrupted employment which also helped to create a vibrant corporate culture at UTC. Another important way that Chenevert helped to smooth out the rough times was to approach every phase of the product cycle as one that will contribute income. This standard was instrumental in creating a smooth cash flow over many years of the product life.

UTC continues to uphold the values instilled by its former CEO and build on past successes while always looking for more ways to innovate its product line and empower its employees. Louis Chenevert is a force that will continue to impact the company in many positive ways.

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The Top Broadcasting Personality: Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz announced results of a series of studies done on advertising tests across five different products with five major national consumer brands and service categories. Some of these brands were well-known while others were being introduced to increase awareness.

It was the first study research of pre- and post-campaign brand lift for podcast advertisers ever done. The survey was conducted by Edison Research Vice President of strategy,Tom Webster, over the last half of 2016. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

Edison research conducted three different surveys in 2016 for PodcastOne to determine the strength of podcast advertising for five national brands. Each brand was given the same advertising methodology and a constant advertisement period which was 4- 6 weeks on those podcasts. Online surveys were also conducted before the campaigns started.

The key results from the research include over 60 % of listeners mentioned a particular grocery brand post- study and 7% in the pre-study.Moreover, in the post-study over one-third of the audience had a fair opinion of an automobile aftermarket product and 18% in the pre- study with 22% in the post-study considering using a lawn and garden and 16% in the pre-study.

Also, awareness of an individual campaign message for an automobile aftermarket product from post-study to the pre-study increased by 60%and by 76% for a casual dining restaurant. Another key finding announced by Norman Pattiz was thatunaided product awareness rose 47 % from the pre-study to the post-study for a financial service product. For an automobile aftermarket product, it grew by 37% and 24% for lawn and garden product.

These results showed podcast audiences were receptive to brand messages and the demand for those brands was high. Podcast advertising has a positive effect on a variety of key effectiveness measure providing enhanced brand impact.

Norman Pattiz is the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Norman is also the founder of Westwood, a company which under his leadership was branded America’s largest provider of news, sport, traffic programming and talk to the Broadcast Industry. In 2010, he launched Courtside Entertainment Group for quality programming and in 2012 he launched PodcastOne.

Pattiz graduated from the University of California. He has served in a vast array of media platforms and received the giant of broadcasting award from the Library of American Broadcasting. Norman Pattiz is keen about the ideas he gets daily and implements them.

Mark Hutchinson’s Commitment to Wildlife

Mark Hutchinson is a wildlife and environmental advocate. His earliest memories are all related to enjoying the great outdoors: mustering sheep, riding horses, fly-fishing and crawling into wombat holes. He was born in the adventurous Australia. Straight out of high school, he spent a year as a jackaroo. During this time period, Hutchinson traveled the length of Africa by car. Hutchinson received his Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney. He then went on to earn an MBA from INSEAD Business School, France. Currently, Hutchinson is in the process of completing a Masters of Conservation Biology degree at Macquarie University.


Mark Hutchinson has experienced great success in the corporate world. Inspired by the year he spent as a jackaroo, at the young age of 22 Hutchinson started his first business. The company he developed was Untamed. Untamed wanted to take people deep into nature, by tending to upscale customers who have lost touch with nature. During his time at Untamed, Hutchinson discovered that no matter where a person came from, nature can be an ultimate “leveler”. Learn more:


During Mark Hutchinson’s time at INSEAD Business School, he developed a business plan for Untamed. As a result of this plan, the company eventually evolved into the ecotourism and training business, Avana. After selling Avana in 2013, and watching it fail, Hutchinson left the corporate scene and pursued Wild Ark a business focused on preserving the world’s fragile ecosystems.


During an interview, Hutchinson was asked how the mission for Wild Ark came along. Hutchinson responded with grace saying he thinks it is his place to help the environment and other people. According to Hutchinson, the ultimate goal of Wild Ark is to buy, protect and restore the most high-value diverse land as they can and to build sustainable businesses on the land, thus, protecting and continuing those ecosystems. Learn more:


Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Mike Baur’s Risk Pays Off for Startup Industry

The Swiss Start Up Factory is the primary choice for entrepreneurs within the startup industry who want to meet selective goals for success and leverage their talents beyond the traditional marketplace. The Switzerland Company was co-founded by Mike Baur in 2014. Mike is currently the Executive Chairman of the company, and he also has a very active role within the investor process in order to secure funding for startup companies.


Startup companies are typically fast and growing businesses that have a specific goal of meeting the needs of a particular marketplace. In order to develop a successful startup company, there needs to be a viable business model based on a product, service or process. The founding of Swiss Start Up Factory has changed the trajectory of the startup industry in ways that create long lasting and successful entrepreneurs.


Typically, an entrepreneur has a small business already in process; however, there are many entrepreneurs that produce startup companies from a business idea, inventive process, or in some cases they’re in a partnership that needs to be further developed. The three month accelerator program within Swiss Start Up Factory was designed by Mike in a strategic manner to assemble teams that bring innovative talent and align with inventive resources to fast-track the startup process. The program provides coaching, mentoring as well as office space which is used to further develop the business.


For over 20 years, Mike worked in the Swiss banking industry and at one time held a high-ranking position with one of the country’s largest private banks. He held an advisory position in 2008 with Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), and he held a leadership position with Claiden Leu. Mike’s banking experience and success eventually led him to become a board member for the private bank.


Mike’s passion for further success drove his decision to leave the banking industry in order to pursue the startup industry. Mike received his MBA from the University of New York and an additional Executive MBA from Bern University. While his experience within the banking industry was extremely lucrative and earned him a prestigious professional reputation, Mike discovered that his business skills could be further used within the startup industry.


Although, it was a risky venture leaving a secure financial structure, Mike’s passion for bringing talented entrepreneurs together and providing the resources needed for success led him to reach beyond traditional methods.


The Sky is the Limit for Rocklage

Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, surrounded with higher education institutes like Harvard and MIT, Andrew Rocklage understood the value of college. Starting at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Rocklage attended the Isenberg School of Management. He graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management and Economics.

As his interests and career goals changed, Rocklage decided to pursue law school. Rocklage enrolled in Suffolk University Law School where he studied from 2010 – 2013. Graduating with a Juris Law Degree, Rocklage worked as legal counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals from March 2014 through September 2015.

Once again, his career goals shifted and Rocklage began entertaining the idea of owning his own business. When Rocklage learned about the Sky Zone Trampoline Park Franchise opportunity; he jumped at the chance to relocate and launch this trendy new business.

Trading the snowy New England life for the sun and sand of Florida, Rocklage opened his Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Tampa Bay, Florida. Since opening in September 2015, Sky Zone has been an overwhelming success. Customers rave about the well trained, and polite employees who are always willing to assist your every need.

Sky Zone offers something for everyone, and the areas have size designations to help prevent injury or bullying. The main area offers wall to wall trampolines with up beat music to keep your energy up allows for free style jumping; including flipping. The foam-zone lets customers jump into a pit full of foam cubes and is a favorite for many children.

SkySlam is a trampoline basketball court where you can practice your dunking skills. Sky Zone also offers an ultimate dodgeball area where you can not only dodge the ball with the assistance of the trampolines. On top of these many play areas, they have a concession area called the Fuel Zone, and abundant seating for non-jumpers. Sky Zone is leading the yelp reviews for indoor trampoline parks in the Tampa Bay area with 4 stars.

Andrew Rocklage has created a very successful business and made a name for himself in the Florida area in a very short amount of time. What will Rocklage do next? This cannot be answered, but with his history and business knowledge, whatever the future holds will be just as successful.

Sawyer Howitt Contributes To The Meriwether Group In A Major Way

The Meriwether Group
The Meriwether Group is a support resource for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to grow their companies. Founded by David Howitt, it is composed of board advisors and a team of professionals. They are based in Portland, Oregon. They offer a variety of services for industries like retail, food & beverage, health & wellness, and so many more. They help with building a brand, which gives companies the freedom to stand out from their competitors.

Meriwether’s Capital Partners provides business managers and entrepreneurs with financial advice, strategic options, and capital recourse. They are dedicated to helping others fulfill their goals along their journeys. They provide debt financing through the Mezzanine Debt Fund. Overall, Meriwether’s Capital Partners is a one stop source for growth opportunities.


Sawyer Howitt at Meriwether
Sawyer Howitt has the hopes of becoming an entrepreneur like his father. He joined the Meriwether Group, at the age of 17, making him the youngest to become apart of the company. He is the Project Manager. A key responsibility involves supervising varies projects carried out by the team. It requires leadership skills, making Howitt the right person for the job. Sawyer Howitt is known for showing up everyday for work with a positive work ethic and a drive to be successful. Sawyer Howitt has the ability to understand complicated tasks like spreadsheets and presentations, to more easier tasks like filing and taking notes.

Howitt is knowledgeable about maintaining a business. He is aware of the financial, as well as the operational sides of a company. He is currently pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance.

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How to Prepare for Digital Threats

I was recently hacked and victim of a ransomware attack. It sounds silly, but I was literally powerless in my situation and all the experts I spoke with told me the same thing, “you can only prevent it.” Out of options I was forced to pay a sum via a crypto-currency (which took some research to figure out how to acquire) to fix the problem.

I soon realized I was not alone. Ransomware is easy to use with kits available on the dark web for purchase. That means someone without much knowledge can buy a kit and launch attacks from their living room. Cyber crime was estimated to have caused up to $500 billion in damages from 2013-2015, and is projected to cause possibly $6 trillion in damages annually by 2021. This means that hundreds of Americans have said the phrase I was hacked. From a hacker standpoint, the industry is just emerging. Ransomware is the latest fad for hackers and will likely evolve and adapt as the public responds to these threats.


The good news is cyber security is on the rise. You can purchase the same protection corporations use themselves. Companies like Rubica offer peace of mind, world class protection, and can be easily implemented by simply downloading their app onto your devices.