Sam Tabar Takes The Lead at FullCycle

As reported by PRNewswire, FullCycle Energy Fund has recently found its latest Chief Operating Officer in Sam Tabar. This position will give Tabar the responsibility over the company’s fund management strategy as they move forward in the company’s future.

When asked how he felt about this move, Sam Tabar said he was especially excited to work with the existing employees at the FullCycle Energy Fund company. He feels that while he can offer a lot in terms of service to the company, he can learn a lot as well. The senior leadership and executive partners already present at the company will serve to teach him more and more about the processes of being an efficient COO at a company such as FullCycle Energy.

In addition, Sam Tabar is excited about the overall goal and mission statement of the company. He is very passionate about the transfer globally from high cost and dangerous polluting fuels to more financially sound and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Sam Tabar, however, is by no means inexperienced. He has had a long history of working in such situations that will prove to be invaluable as he and the company move forward together. For much of his financial career, Sam Tabar has worked as Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch (more often known as Bank of America). In this role, he provided fund managers with targeted introductions to investment basics such as foundations, pensions, and endowments. During this time period, he also consulted on operations as he built and developed both back and front office teams. Prior to his role with Merrill Lynch, he worked as Co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group (PMA). In this position, he was involved financially in the largest independent fund in Asia Pacific. Throughout his career, he has managed all different angles and possibilities of the global marketing services industry. This makes him especially correct for his newly acquired position with FullCycle Energy Fund.

Sam Tabar and FullCycle Energy Fund are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership together. Combining Tabars’ past experience with his new responsibility will prove beneficial together.  Check him out on to learn more about Sam and his career.

Securus Launches A New Service That Will Enable Clients To Save On Time And Money

Securus Technologies has announced that its automated Inmate Forms and Grievances application on ConnectUs will save its clients both time and money. It is my hope that the electronic forms will do away with the need for physical forms. According to the company, the new technology will save 65% of time that corrections staff spend on forms and grievances.
Speaking during a press briefing, Russell Roberts, Securus’ Vice President of Marketing, pointed out on the company’s commitment to providing its clients with new technologies and features. Such technologies ensure that the customers enjoy lower operating costs and simplified duties. This information was originally published on PRNewswire.

For many years, Securus has been working with correctional facilities. Over time, it has noted the amount of paper forms that are consumed by these facilities. The paper forms are used for sign up, medical, storing, grievances, archiving, and handbook acceptance. All these forms have to be distributed and picked by correctional officers, thus causing wastage of precious staff time.
The new technology aims at replacing these paper forms with virtual forms that can be created whenever needed and without printing. I believe that with virtual forms, information can be processed quickly and organized automatically. I contend that saved staff time can be utilized to provide security to the inmates.

Currently, correctional facilities that have switched over to the automatic forms are already reaping the benefits. The data from Securus shows that the company has been generating about 13.8 forms per month per inmate. This technology translates into huge savings on printing costs and staff time, especially In a facility having over 1,000 inmates.
The platform also allows the inmates to enjoy self-service. In addition, inmates can access their forms at anytime in order to check on their status. They can also accept and appeal the status of their forms and grievances. Apart from the Inmate Forms and Grievances services, ConnectUS provides inmates with numerous other services. Some of these are calls, messages, and quick access to critical information such as court hearing dates. This information was originally mentioned on LinkedIn.