Equities First Holdings Offers Affordable Loans

Equities First Holdings is a global company that offers consumers alternative financial services. At the moment, the company provides its clients with capital against publicly traded stocks. Using these alternative financial services, clients from the institution can meet their personal and professionals goals. Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002, and it has been helpful to many clients from different parts of the globe.


Customers are given the capital they need against shares that have been trading in the public market, regardless of their location. Since it was founded, Equities First Holdings has completed over six hundred and fifty transactions successfully. According to a report from the company, these operations cost more than one billion dollars.


Equities First Holdings is a well- known company in the world. Many clients opt for the companies because of the low-interest rates they are given. Its headquarters are in the United States, and it has other offices in nine other nations. Most of the individuals who have received loans from the company say that they got the best services.


The financial crisis that happened in 2007/2008 affected many nations in the world. Some of the economies around the globe have not been able to recover completely from the crisis. The economic climate has been changing since then. The lending institutions were affected by the international crisis. Most of these establishments have had to tighten their lending systems, just to be on the safe side.


Equities First Holdings Management released a report just recently, saying that most of the loans offered by banking institutions have more interest, compared to the stock-based loans. Individuals in business who want to increase their operating capital are being forced to look for better ways to enhance their capital. The report says that most of these individuals have chosen the stock-based loans. The interest rates for these types of loans are low compared to the margin loans. The interest rates are also constant.


To be on the safe side, lending firms in the world have cut the lending options, significantly increased the lending rates, and the loan qualifications have been tightened. With the current harsh economy, it ‘s hard for many individuals to afford the loans.


For Contact With Equities First please visit http://www.equitiesfirst.com/contact

The Benefits Of Shea Butter And Why You Should Use It


Shea butter is amazing and you should use it. Here are the benefits of shea butter and why you should buy some to use.


Benefits Of Shea Butter

One of the main benefits is its moisturizing effects. It contains natural vitamins and good fatty acids, which means skin will be left moisturized and nourished. A lot of people use it to protect the natural oils in their skin and to help them with their dry skin.


The butter can reduce inflammation. This is why people with acne should use it. Not only that, but the butter may play a role in helping people avoid skin mutations. The butter contains natural properties and cinnamic acid.


Using it can lead to smoother looking and feeling skin. You can apply the butter all over your body and face daily. As time goes on, your skin should feel smoother and look smoother.


About EuGenia Shea

If you want to use shea butter, then purchase it from EuGenia Shea. The company offers various products, such as everyday shea butter, pregnancy strength shea and dermatological strength shea. They also have shea butter gift packs.


The company is ran by a mother and daughter duo, and they founded the company in 2015. Today, the company has grown into one of the best places to buy shea butter. In fact, their products use Naasakle shea butter, which means consumers can rest assure they are getting the best kind of shea butter around.


Order EuGenia Shea butter products today and experience the benefits of using it. EuGenia Shea has the best shea butter around.

Michael Zomber Is Very Passionate About Samurai Culture

Michael Zomber has spent nearly his entire life collecting antique Japanese weapons and studying Japanese history. With such tremendous experience, he found it quite easy and enjoyable to share his passion for these subjects with the rest of the world. One of his most notable publications is called Shogun lemitsu, which is a novel about samurai warriors in 17th-century Japan. This book focuses on two samurai fighters who are brave enough to challenge the government and overthrow the ruthless Shoguns. In a recent podcast, Michael Zomber opened up about his fascination with samurai customs and other unique traditions of Japan. The online interview also explains everything that went into the publication of Shogun lemitsu.

When it comes to writing novels, Michael Zomber is fully qualified for the job. In fact, his extensive academic resume includes several degrees in literature and other majors from prominent institutions of higher education like UCLA and Villanova University. Additionally, Zomber has spent many years building his knowledge of global history by traveling worldwide. More specifically, he has always focused on studying military history and anything else that is related to weapons. For most of his adult life, he has collected and traded antique firearms and other items that have been used in combat. Zomber admits that his most cherished collection includes samurai swords that were most likely used in some vicious confrontations centuries ago.

Zomber’s professional portfolio also includes some appearances on mainstream television. The History Channel invited him to appear as a guest historian on shows like Guns of the Orient. In this program, he offers some interesting commentary on weapons that have been used in Asian countries for generations. More specifically, he explains the details of samurai swords and other traditional weapons that were used to revolutionize Japan’s leadership.

Aside from writing books and collecting weapons, Michael Zomber also enjoys making films. In fact, he runs his own independent production studio that is called Renascent Films. His wife Andrea also plays a major role in managing this film studio. Michael Zomber launched numerous documentaries through this studio including the Soul of the Samurai.

How Wikipedia Editors have Been Instrumental in Creating Content and How You Can Hire One

Close to 80,000 writers diligently donate their skills and time to edit Wikipedia every month. When compared to professional journalists, these Wikipedia editors and writers are anonymous and work for free. They also work without supervision in an unstructured environment. According to the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia has more than 5 million articles written in the English language and 28 million users who are registered.

The unpredictable nature of Wikipedia to harness the efforts of unpaid writers is discussed by two London School of Economics researchers. These researchers are Stephan Seiler, who is an associate professor who has majored in marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Aleksi Aaltonen, who is an assistant professor of information working at Warwick Business School. Seiler said that he wanted to determine whether the effect of such a free and open production process can be quantified. After thoroughly evaluating 1,310 articles edited more than 63,000 times in eight years, their conclusion was simple. They concluded that when articles are edited, this attracts new editors. Consequently, when new editors first edit a Wiki page it tends to attract more edits. This cumulative effect has accounted for almost half of the edits on articles between 2002 and 2010. Seiler and Aaltonen also concluded that, due to Wiki edits, their articles were longer in quantity and better in quality in their research paper that was published in the journal of Management Science released in July 2016.

Advantages You Get When You Make a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is an excellent platform to brand your business. On this online encyclopedia, you can create and update a Wikipedia page about your business. The created page can result to an improvement in the productivity and reputation of your business. The Wikipedia page also adds a sense of prestige, credibility and authenticity to your brand, business or persona. As an entrepreneur, creating a Wikipedia page is likely to increase the sales of your products and services. Your sales will be increased after the visibility of your business in search engines, such as Google and Bing, is enhanced. Wikipedia usually appears on the top five search results on Google. In order to create a page on the online encyclopedia, you can hire Wikipeida editors from Get Your Wiki website at http://www.getyourwiki.com/. After visiting the website, you will find Wikipedia experts who offer services such as creating, editing and updating a Wikipedia page. Whether your company is profitable or non profitable, the Get Your Wiki editors will create a Wikipedia page with reliable reference sources and one that is formatted according to Wikipedia standards.

You Can Change Your Financial Future Today

Are you overran by bills and don’t know what to do because your boss is getting on your nerves. There are a million ways to improve your financial situation, but Jim Hunt gives you practical ways with proven results. VTA Publications is a successful online course that allows you to gt tuition assistance if you can’t afford to take the course online. They are there to back you every step of the way. They want to see you get your foot in the door and change your financial outlook for the better. There are thousands of people that are helped by this course each year.

They offer you strategies that have been the key to success for many Fortune 500 companies. They have began to offer their course to people that want to be their own boss. You can buy a house, purchase a car, or save more money than ever before. You won’t be disappointed when you began to see a better financial outlook. You can build your wealth and find the time to do all the things that you always wanted to do including a vacation. Hunt admits that one of the first steps to being successful is creating a cash flow and to do this he suggests starting a business.

You can learn how to build the keys to wealth from the stock market or from biblical secrets. Most of their competitors teach you how to earn money from the stock market when they are rising or have good prices. While Hunt teaches you how to earn from the stock market through VTA Publications from a stock market that has falling prices. Don’t miss out on an exciting opportunity to make 100 fold of anything that you invest with their course. They offer you interesting ways to earn while you learn. There are over 5,600+ financial strategies available for you. You can visit their website and get the information that will change your financial outlook for the better. Be brave and take your financial future in your own hands with VTA Publications right away. Jim Hunt is a successul investor that has the secrets to real wealth.

PR Newswire Article About Online Reputation Management Firm

On the 17th day of August during the year of 2016, which was this year, an article writing company by the name of PR Newswire released news from Status Labs. According to Huffington Post, Status Labs is a very popular company that is well known for helping different companies around the world with managing their online reputations. Within the past few weeks, the company Status Labs annouced that they were recently included in a list of the top 500 companies that have grown extremely fast. Of all of the businesses around the world that were included in this list, Status Labs was ranked as the 339th fastest growing company. This is a very big accomplishment and a great honor for the Status Labs online reputation management company.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the company Status Labs is a very well known business that helps other businesses around the world manage and, at times, boost their online reputations. There are many offices that are open around the United States. They are stationed within the following locations: Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo. All of these places are located within the United States of America. Status Labs has received a great number of awards aside from the PR Newswire company as well as many other organizations. PR Week awarded the Chief Executive Officier and the President of the company Status Labs with a gold award. In 2015, Status Labs was also awarded with the Innovative 50 award, which is similar to what they won this year. Status Labs was also awarded with the Business Development Individual of the Year in the year of 2016. As time goes on, the company that is known for helping other companies and businesses to work on and manage their online reputations, Status Labs, will more than likely continue to obtain more awards from all of the various organizations that are known for giving awards.

The company was started by a man by the name of Darius Fisher. Darius Fisher is currently the Chief Executive Officier, which is a longer form of the acronym CEO, of the company as well as the President of the company Status Labs.

Tumblr: http://statuslabs.tumblr.com/

Sam Tabar Takes The Lead at FullCycle

As reported by PRNewswire, FullCycle Energy Fund has recently found its latest Chief Operating Officer in Sam Tabar. This position will give Tabar the responsibility over the company’s fund management strategy as they move forward in the company’s future.

When asked how he felt about this move, Sam Tabar said he was especially excited to work with the existing employees at the FullCycle Energy Fund company. He feels that while he can offer a lot in terms of service to the company, he can learn a lot as well. The senior leadership and executive partners already present at the company will serve to teach him more and more about the processes of being an efficient COO at a company such as FullCycle Energy.

In addition, Sam Tabar is excited about the overall goal and mission statement of the company. He is very passionate about the transfer globally from high cost and dangerous polluting fuels to more financially sound and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Sam Tabar, however, is by no means inexperienced. He has had a long history of working in such situations that will prove to be invaluable as he and the company move forward together. For much of his financial career, Sam Tabar has worked as Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch (more often known as Bank of America). In this role, he provided fund managers with targeted introductions to investment basics such as foundations, pensions, and endowments. During this time period, he also consulted on operations as he built and developed both back and front office teams. Prior to his role with Merrill Lynch, he worked as Co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group (PMA). In this position, he was involved financially in the largest independent fund in Asia Pacific. Throughout his career, he has managed all different angles and possibilities of the global marketing services industry. This makes him especially correct for his newly acquired position with FullCycle Energy Fund.

Sam Tabar and FullCycle Energy Fund are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership together. Combining Tabars’ past experience with his new responsibility will prove beneficial together.  Check him out on About.me to learn more about Sam and his career.

Securus Launches A New Service That Will Enable Clients To Save On Time And Money

Securus Technologies has announced that its automated Inmate Forms and Grievances application on ConnectUs will save its clients both time and money. It is my hope that the electronic forms will do away with the need for physical forms. According to the company, the new technology will save 65% of time that corrections staff spend on forms and grievances.
Speaking during a press briefing, Russell Roberts, Securus’ Vice President of Marketing, pointed out on the company’s commitment to providing its clients with new technologies and features. Such technologies ensure that the customers enjoy lower operating costs and simplified duties. This information was originally published on PRNewswire.

For many years, Securus has been working with correctional facilities. Over time, it has noted the amount of paper forms that are consumed by these facilities. The paper forms are used for sign up, medical, storing, grievances, archiving, and handbook acceptance. All these forms have to be distributed and picked by correctional officers, thus causing wastage of precious staff time.
The new technology aims at replacing these paper forms with virtual forms that can be created whenever needed and without printing. I believe that with virtual forms, information can be processed quickly and organized automatically. I contend that saved staff time can be utilized to provide security to the inmates.

Currently, correctional facilities that have switched over to the automatic forms are already reaping the benefits. The data from Securus shows that the company has been generating about 13.8 forms per month per inmate. This technology translates into huge savings on printing costs and staff time, especially In a facility having over 1,000 inmates.
The platform also allows the inmates to enjoy self-service. In addition, inmates can access their forms at anytime in order to check on their status. They can also accept and appeal the status of their forms and grievances. Apart from the Inmate Forms and Grievances services, ConnectUS provides inmates with numerous other services. Some of these are calls, messages, and quick access to critical information such as court hearing dates. This information was originally mentioned on LinkedIn.