Alexandre Gama: From Copywriter to Mogul

Alexandre Gama has spent a very fruitful life in the advertising and communications world. He’s enjoyed success at every level starting as a copywriter after graduating from college. From there he continued copy writing while also serving as a creative director. His ultimate destination was when he formed his own agency known as Neogama.

Neogama grew fast after its inception and even garnered a prestigious Lion award from the Cannes Flim Festival in its first year. The festival highlights the top creative talent in the world; joining the ranks of the winners is a truly high achievement.

Alexander Gama has received a multitude of awards in Brazil for his work in the creative arts. His other interests include music and high performance sports cars. He’s involved in a music endeavor featuring Brazilian guitar players that includes; a music studio, a music label, and a YouTube channel. He’s an investor in the British car company Briggs Automotive Company. They manufacture high performance sports cars.

Alexander Gama has lived an amazing life and reached the highest levels of professional success.

Jeremy Goldstein

Anyone that is looking for a lawyer knows that finding the right one is essential if you are going to even have a chance to win. That is where Jeremy Goldstein comes in. As a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, his management of legal teams and experience in corporations and contract law make him the specialist to represent and win everything the client is seeking.


A graduate of New York University School of Law, The University of Chicago,and Cornell, Jeremy Goldstein has helped some of the largest corporate transactions in the past decade of law to become what they are today. He is also Chair of Mergers and Acquisitions for the American Bar Association, and as such, he has spoken and helped teach others on how to successfully practice this area of law effectively. Here are some of the other companies that Jeremy Goldstein has helped over the years.


– Goodrich by United Technologies.

– Duke Energy and Process Energy at Dow Chemical

– Verizon Wireless/ Alltel

– Goldman Sachs

– MBNA Corporation

– Chevron Texaco Corporation

– Bank of America

– Kmart

– AT&T

– Sears Roebucks

– Cingular Wireless

– JP Morgan Chase

– Bank One

– Fleet Boston Financial Group

– South African Breweries

– Miller Brewing Company

– Philips Petroleum Company


On the board of the NYU Journal of Law and Business, the Make a Wish Foundation and several charities for mental illness. These endeavors show that, even as he is helping the great companies of the world get ahead, he has also helped those charities which needed the help.


As a leader in his field, Jeremy Goldstein has blazed a trail for those to come in the world of business. His endeavors has blazed a trail for those yet to come after him.


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Online Reputation Management Basics

The modern world is dominated by faceless businesses conducted online. These businesses offer consumers lower prices, and it can be difficult to succeed if you do not take care of your online reputation. It is important for all business owners to be familiar with the concept of online reputation if they want to survive the tough competition. Online reputation management has the capability to make or break your business.

Developing online reputation can be tough, especially in the digital marketing world. Here are some of the building blocks courtesy of Reputation Defender Reviews for a perfect online reputation management:

Content creation

It is vital for all business owners to understand that not all the content created is equal. If you want to become a powerful authority in the industry, then you have to build great content. Times have changed, and a catchy jingle alone will not be enough to draw enough customers to your businesses. If you want to change your visitors to paying customers, all your content should be perfect. Many businesses have done well by creating their content through their blog posts. Some of the most trusted brands in the world have used this strategy, and they have done quite well.

Social media

Social media is a perfect tool for online reputation. However, there are several features that every business owner should consider. First of all, your online reputation will always rely on the activities you undertake in different social media platforms. If you are not using these platforms, then it will be very hard for your audience to learn about you. Secondly, you need to have a consistent posting schedule if you want to do well. You also need to use several social media platforms so that you can reach everyone. Make sure that you engage everyone.

Experts say that social media works perfectly where people are having a conversation. This will be the only way to do business with the people you are targeting. However, just because you want to make them buy your product does not mean that you should forget about your humanity. Always remain professional in these platforms, but never suck the social part in social media.

Madison Street Capital Is Eyeing Potential Small And Medium Size Mergers In 2017

Fresh off being nominated as a finalist for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, Madison Street Capital founders, Charles Botchway and Tony Marsala are not looking back on past accomplishments. Botchway and Marsala are looking toward the future and the opportunities that exist in the merger and acquisition industry in 2017. That’s not to say both men are honored for being recognized as managing one of the top boutique investment firms in the industry. It’s always an honor to be singled out for excellent work, especially in the investment industry. The Madison Street Capital reputation is solid in the industry, and the M&A Advisor Awards are a great way to showcase that reputation.



Chicago-based Madison Street Capital is known as a boutique investment firm. That means Madison Street Capital likes to work with small and medium size companies in the United States and in other countries that want to grow through a merger or by being acquired by another company. For the last ten years, mergers and acquisitions have contributed to the bottom lines of hundreds of companies in the U.S. and offshore. The fact that the stock market is in the bull mode, and the U.S. economy is holding firm, has helped companies maintain solid balance sheets. And new mergers and acquisitions have given new life to unhealthy corporations. The Madison Street Capital strategy is to align the right company with another company that wants to expand through a joint relationship. Some corporate executives think merging, or being acquired, is the right thing to do, but in many cases, that’s not true. Mergers can backfire, and Botchway is quick to make that point. If regulators and shareholders get in the way, good deals can go sour in a hurry.



Even though there are risks, Madison Street Capital executives are always positive about the potential mergers. Botchway and Marsala have several potential mergers in the works, and investors and shareholders would love those to finalize those transactions in the months or years ahead. Madison Street Capital likes to call the mergers, “dream mergers” until all the ingredients for a successful merger fall in place. There are a number of variables, and they could derail a dream merger at any time during the negotiating process. But the executive team at Madison Street Capital are aware of those challenges, and they usually have a plan to overcome those variables. That’s why Madison Street is an award-winning boutique investment firm. The executives do their homework.


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Labels Are Important To Understanding French Wines For UKV PLC

The expert wine merchants at UKV PLC have always been looking to aid their clients and followers in gaining a better understanding of the options available to them in the top French and European wines.

One area UKV PLC believes holds back many individuals looking to develop their own wine collection is a simple lack of understanding of how the different areas of the world can have an impact on how wine tastes; most people believe the grape variety is the main characteristic of any wine, but the climate and soil of a growing region also make major changes to the way an individual wine tastes.

UKV PLC hopes that by expanding the knowledge of the different growing regions in France will explain to individuals why certain areas of the world are known as the best possible regions are known for their wine production industry. The four French regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and Loire are seen as the top wine production regions in the world as the soil and climactic conditions create an individual flavor that marks out each individual production area.

The UKV PLC brand has been growing at a fast rate over the course of its life as the company is becoming increasingly well known for the services offered to buyers and sellers from all areas of the world. Catering a party or simply looking to expand upon a wine collection are both times when UKV PLC can make a major impact on the life of an individual or group hoping to get the most from their enjoyment of wine.

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Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Restore My Faith in Business

Far too often I come across stories in my newsfeed full of the misdeeds of political officials and giant corporate leaders, so much so that like many other American I have begun to become jaded towards the idea of a business acting on behalf of the better interest of the people within the world and not solely focusing on the bottom line. Though before I could fully commit to the idea that business has become a cold place, I recently came across a story that fully restored my faith in companies abilities to act outside of profits and help the world at large.


Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Give Back to the Community


The story which was written by the talented staff over at highlighted the recent endeavors of CEO Bob Reina and his company Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion, a major player in providing companies with state of the art video marketing tools and solutions, began offering charities and non-profits full access to their wide range of products, and not simply their lower tier products but the best products the company offers the public. The company began the initiative by asking team members and employees to select charities and organizations of their own choosing to receive the free service with the hopes that all non-profits and charities selected would be able to use Talk Fusion’s video marketing solutions to reach a larger audience and in turn help more people.


Bob Reina Follows a Strong Conviction To Helping His Fellow Man


Though a bit unusual for a company to give anything away for free, let alone their full range of top-tier products, this story became less surprising after reading a bit more about Talk Fusion’s founder and current CEO, Bob Reina. Bob Reina extends that philosophy of doing what you can for the world well beyond how he operates a business, the CEO has given millions of his own earnings to support the Humane Society as well as Indonesian orphans abroad.


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Lori Senecal Leads CP+B to Successful Partnerships


For years now, the world of gender inequality has taken a positive turn with women investing in education and career advancement. Unlike in the past when women’s roles were strictly domestic, the new world has seen women holding managerial positions. One such woman is Lori Senecal, the chief executive officer of an advertising agency called CP+B. She is also the former global executive chairman of an organization called KBS. Lori’s responsibilities in the firm include driving the core vision of the organization to strategic planning and management. She is also responsible for deepening the company’s modern model as well as working with the partners of the company to promote agencies consultation and collaboration.


Lori’s roles extend to leadership where she is in charge of heading client’s partnership to assist in optimizing seamless strategies in organizations capability. At KBS, she capitalized on the company’s growth and vision. In the last five years, Lori pioneered a new strategy geared towards business growth. She ignited the movement that saw KBS rank top agency in the state. According to Lori, it takes more than just career commitment to pursue much in business. She was passion driven towards the project. At KBS, the same passion saw her spearheading the agency to modern technology and content development. The result was a huge brand created by KBS, followed by increased profits.


As a leader holding many managerial positions in companies, Lori Senecal’s advice to career women is inventing the career individual fits. She has supported and generated many successful projects and startups through the agencies she manages. The result of her action has been inspiring employees in the companies as well as growing invention and culture across the management. Lori primarily offers product insight and advice through her leadership skills. She does this by speaking engagements, workshops, conferences and television appearances. In 2013, Lori made a name for herself when Ad Age Women named her one of the women to watch in 2014. In the same year, Lori bagged the Quantum Leap Award.


Lori is the current chief executive officer of CP+B. She oversees the firm’s expansion, growth and strategy development. She also coordinates all events and decision-making processes while focusing on global development. Since 2015 when she joined CP+B, she has successfully created new global agency strategies. Loris leadership and complete focus on talent development have massively contributed to the company’s development.

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Fabletics – Keeping Giants In Fashion Sector Such As Amazon On Its Toes

Fabletics is one of the top competitions to Amazon today in the fashion category, and amazingly the company started its operations just three years back. Amazon has a market share of over 20 percent in the market already, yet Fabletics managed to give it a tough run and is currently doing a business of over $250 million annually. The fact that Kate Hudson is one of the founders of Fabletics also helped the company to gain the initial momentum it was looking for in a highly competitive and saturated fashion niche. Fabletics, today, is considered to be the top “Athleisure” brand, which is loved by women from all walks of life. The company has kept its price affordable, which is the reason why it continues to grow as a brand. The target audience much appreciates its unique collection of sports and fitness gear and apparel.



Fabletics is a subsidiary of TechStyle Fashion Group, which is owned by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. The brand focused on following a subscription model that helped the first e-commerce company to gain a huge customer base in a relatively short period. Every month, Fabletics sends out an email to its VIP members, which consists of a collection of Athleisure products personalized as per their preference and lifestyle. It helps the customers to shop quickly without having to look through the vast collection. The company has kept the subscription model affordable and flexible for the customers, and any month the customers choose not to buy anything, they are not charged for that particular month. It makes it easier for the women to shop who have a busy and hectic lifestyle, which is the case with most working women these days.



The reverse showroom technique used by Fabletics has helped the company become one of the frontrunners in the fashion category. The company primarily focused on marketing its e-commerce portal and its unique collection marketed primarily through its brand ambassador, Kate Hudson. It helped Fabletics become a favorite among its target audience, and now with 18 stores that the firm has opened nationwide, Fabletics can penetrate the market further. The potential customers are getting an opportunity to check out its collections and understand its membership model firsthand with the help of its physical outlets opened at various strategic points.



Most of the women who have used Fabletics to buy Athleisure products and are its members have found that the way Fabletics personalize the shopping experience is outstanding. The customers of the company say that it helps them shop hassle free as well as affordable, which is what most women are looking for. Fabletics comes up with new designs and unique collection of Athleisure products each month, which makes it exciting for its customers.



Women who are not yet the members of Fabletics and are interested in subscribing should take their Lifestyle Quiz. It gives an insight into how the company personalizes the shopping experience for its members and makes shopping easy, fun and affordable.

A Seven-Day Regimen Using Wen Hair Care Products

WEN hair conditioners have become popular on Twitter and overall in the U.S. Wen cleansing conditioners include all-in-one shampoo, styling treatment, and conditioner. This product is known to work well with any hair, and the results are a luscious and bulky hair strands. With its increasing popularity, one of its customers decided to test it to see if she could get the desired outcome.

On the first day, she read the guidelines on the shampoo bottle and based on her hair; she was required to use at least ten pumps of the product. Upon massaging her hair with the shampoo and finally rinsing it, she noticed that few strands fell off. After blow drying it, her hair looked bouncy and shiny. The following day her hair felt greasy at the roots, but after washing it using the same routine, it appeared voluminous like it did on the first day. On the third day, her hair looked oily than usual. It was then that she decided to use WEN Hair cleansing conditioner. By the end of the day, her hair was still radiant. The following day, she curled it and left for the day. On the fifth day, her hair still retained its curls after using Wen’s products the previous day. She continued with her routine on the sixth and seventh day. In a just a week, she realized that her hair had completely transformed.

About Wen by Chaz

Wen is a brand of hair care product developed by Chaz Dean, a celebrity hair stylist. Wen hair products include conditioners, shampoos, cleansers, and hair kits, all products are Sephora available. Chaz began this company in over a decade ago and has since been producing hair products. His vision is to create a broad range of products that cleanse and hydrate the hair. Chaz owns a saloon called Chaz Dean Studio where he serves high-profile clients. It is at this facility that Chaz Dean uses Wen by Chaz products to attend to his client’s hair as well as style them for an award or fashion shows.

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Bernardo Chua’s Success With Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is a renowned name in the expansive direct selling industry. In the past decade, he has focused his energies on introducing people to the various merits of ganoderma. To make people purchase the product, Chua has incorporated the herb in coffee and teas. He sells these products through his company, Organo Gold, around the globe.

Previously, Chua worked for Gano Excel Philippines before he was promoted to serve as Gano Excel USA’s president. Having grown up in Philippines, Bernardo Chua was introduced to ganoderma early in his life.

By virtue of his Chinese heritage, he was able to understand the importance of the polypore mushrooms. They often grow on logs wood. The herb, which has medicinal values, has been popular in different Asian countries, including China.

He is regarded as one of the first people to market ganoderma outside the Asian continent. When he started the business of selling teas and coffees in Philippines, he settled on the direct selling business model. PR News Wire said that Bernado Chua believed that through extensive networks, he would be able to grow his business quickly and expand the company’s operations to the global market. The model worked in his favor, as he was able to create a broad client base within a short period.

Notably, Bernardo is regarded as one of the most successful entrepreneurs from the expansive Pacific Rim. To this end, he has been the recipient of various awards. In 2014, the joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards announced him the winner of the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry.

Organo Gold has also received an award from the National Shoppers Choice for the being the leading direct selling company in food supplements. In addition, Bernardo has received the Direct Sales Company of the Year award five times.

At Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua focuses on refining his business. He works closely with the leading producers of ganordema in the globe. This way, he is able to provide the public with quality products without having to increase prices of these commodities.

Over the years, he has been funding ganoderma-related research. This innovative strategy has enabled him to have a competitive edge, especially when new uses or breakthroughs on the herb are discovered. Bernardo has an active presence online. One can contact him through his LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

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