Violations Of Human Rights

People hear about violations of human rights everyday. However, hearing about it is different than actually witnessing it. It is even more different than experiencing it. The truth of the matter is that there are violations of human rights everywhere. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

It is not just in less developed countries. It is also in countries that have cultures built on human rights. No matter where these violations occur, it is important for people to be aware of it so that work could be done to address these violations. It takes people with a lot of experience and the courage to move forward with the needed actions.

One person that moves forward with a lot of courage is Thor Halvorssen. He is someone that is very passionate about making sure that people are living humane lives. The rights of a lot of people are being violated. One of the best ways to bring forth greater treatment of humans is to examine the type of environment and the type of people involved in the violation and the culture.

Among the things that Thor does with the Human Rights Foundation is collect information on the different types of corruption that goes on in different countries.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen works with a type of energy and intensity that is needed to be effective. For one thing, Thor is very different from the other activists. He makes sure that he is presentable. He also takes the time to present himself in a way that helps him gain the trust of people.

For one thing, he is also good at persuading others on what to do. He has gotten the assistance of people who come from all walks of life. Among the people he has involved in the campaign for human rights is Christian Bale and some other celebrities.

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The US Money Reserve Keeps the Trail Blaze in Precious Metals Supply

There are very few organizations that start and gain the trust of the people especially when it comes to dealing with precious metals. Those that have tried have not enjoyed the success that that US Money Reserve has enjoyed. The organization has been a revelation since it started and has continued to wow its customers. Creating a client experience and sustaining it is tough especially in the face of competition. However, the US money reserve has not in any way failed its customers.


The US Money Reserve is the largest distributor of government issued precious metals. The metals include gold, silver, and platinum as legal tender. Many citizens of the US and other parts of the world come to the US money reserve for the supply of the precious metals to diversify their assets by having some of the wealth stored I precious metals especially Gold and silver coins.


US money reserve was established in 2001. The Austin, Texas-based organization, is dedicated to making a lasting connection with its customers through excellent customer service. Its highly trained staff spend sleepless nights to ensure the team’s success. The team which is made of coin researchers and numismatic professionals have the market knowledge that assists them to provide their clients with the products offering the highest returns in capital. The good relationship the organization has with its customers goes a long way in ensuring its sustainability. Currently, the organization is one of the most liked group.


Apart from offering the best products to its clients, the US money reserve is very creative when it comes to branding itself. In August 2006, the Austin-based organization bagged several awards of excellence for being the best in their respective fields. It was a double winner in the categories of TV/commercials/Products as well as Creativity/(TV)/Cinematography. The people involved in voting the organization are its loyal customers including NASCAR driver and gold buyers.


After receiving the award, the CEO of The Us money reserve Angela Koch thanked the customers for showing their loyalty to vote the organization in the category. She also went ahead and thanked the employees for the role they played to ensure the success of the team. Without them and their dedication, the organization would not receive the recognition it had in the recent past.


Organizations have strategies. However, for the strategies to be successful, the business goals should be properly aligned, and all the team players should work as a unit. The organization and the employees of the US money reserve work as a team for the success of the organization.

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How InnovaCare Is Transforming Service Delivery And Enhancing Performance

As a growing company in the healthcare industry, InnovaCare Health has come up with new measures that will see more people benefit from physician practice services. The company has over the years worked on improving their systems to include better services and procedures, something that has elevated them from a small entity to a competitive company with influence across the entire Puerto Rico.

The effort to make Innovacare Health better has continued and this has seen the management team go for modern technology that is efficient and fast. Through these changes, InnovaCare Health has achieved a bigger number of customers since most people who have sought their services are more concerned about their welfare and how affordable the services they receive are. Additionally, the company has hired professionals to different positions in line with their mission to promote the growth of the brand to achieve national coverage.

Several executives were appointed to head different departments in the spirit of ensuring the company ranks among the most efficient and dependable in the country. Jonathan Meyers, a highly experienced actuary, was recently appointed as the chief actuary and his office will oversee the Medicare and Medicaid programs to ensure the execution of different roles is seamless.

He carries experience and skills on from previous interactions at established companies like BCBS, which trusted him with an oversight role as the head of actuarial activities. His promise and vision for InnovaCare Health is the achievement of the different plans set in time and streamlining service delivery to benefit as many people as possible.

Read more: InnovaCare Health Announces Three Additions To Leadership Team

The accounting and finance sections of InnovaCare Health have also been enhanced and given a boost after Mike Sortino was appointed to head the department. Mike Sortino is a professional accountant and his experience spans over 20 years. He has served in the position at several companies including Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance.

Management of InnovaCare Health
All the changes that have been effected at InnovaCare Health have happened under the control of their CEO Dr. Rick Shinto and the Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides. Dr. Richard Shinto is a trained clinical scientist and his prowess in the industry has motivated him to write several journals and articles on the issues affecting the industry.

On the other hand, Penelope Kokkinides comes with exceptional experience in clinical science and the fact she worked with several leading companies before confirms her dedication to serving the company to see it grow into an established entity.


FreedomPop Is Offering Various Sized Plans To Their Customers

There are tons of reasons to join as a new FreedomPop customer, but the biggest reason is because FreedomPop has the lowest prices of any cell phone carrier. Compared to companies like Verizon, FreedomPop has a cost for service that is a fraction of what Verizon customers are paying. In the year 2014, some Verizon customers were paying an average of almost $150 per month for their service, and their prices haven’t gotten much lower over the past couple years. Many are still complaining that they are paying too much money for their cell phone service, which is why they are switching to companies like FreedomPop.

Many want cell phone service under their terms, and not every customer wants unlimited cell phone service. Those who don’t mind having a smaller cell phone service plan can go with the free plan from FreedomPop that gives them 200 minutes of talk time, up to 700 MB of data, and 500 text messages. The free plan has no cost attached to it, so anyone who wants to save money and not pay for this cell phone plan should choose the free plan that FreedomPop is offering. An unlimited plan is great for those who don’t like counting their minutes.

Anyone can use as much talk time as they want with the unlimited plan as well as all the text messages they need. The data on the unlimited plan will start at 4G LTE speeds and will be slowed down to 3G speeds after the customer has used up the 1 GB of 4G LTE data. The 3G speeds are unlimited, so the FreedomPop user can still have Internet service when they need it. FreedomPop also has virtual phone numbers, which is great for those who don’t necessarily want to change their number permanently but still want the benefits of having a number from a different area code.

Listed in a FreedomPop review is also info about their international calling that is available from over 60 different countries, and calling plans are available to call other countries as well. Any phone is now usable on the FreedomPop network, including GSM phones and CDMA phones that come directly from Sprint. The GSM phones that take a sim card will have to be unlocked through their original network. Unlocked GSM phones can be brought over to FreedomPop for use, and the user will not have to purchase a phone to get service.

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Danilo Diaz Surprises Affluent Guests With an Action-filled Event



Danilo Diaz Granados recently organized an event that mesmerized his rich guest in Miami. The event featured elegant dishes, helicopter rides, private previews, outstanding time at the racetrack, Dom Perignon’s bottles, and a sunset boat ride. Danilo is famous for organizing unforgettable events for Miami’s hand-selected socialites. Danilo opened the event by treating the guests to a fantastic breakfast at One Thousand Museum Sales Center. Next, they previewed the highly awaited Biscayne area-based residential building. Danilo and his guest took a helicopter to the Palm Beach Race Track where every individual took a spin around the racetrack.

The event proceeded as the elite socialites returned via helicopter and they were welcomed with Dom Perignon Champagne. Then, they were treated to a lip-smacking lunch at the famous River Yacht Club situated on the Miami River courtesy of Dom Perignon. The guests had a chance to test out new boats owned by Technomar and Van Dutch during the sunset boat trip in the bay.

According to Granados, the primary goal for hosting this event was to create a memorable experience for his hand-selected guests. He also wanted to show them the fascinating places, shopping centers, and unique products available in Miami.

Granados’ academic qualifications and business career

Danilo Diaz Granados obtained his first degree in entrepreneurship and economics from the highly esteemed Babson College. He later studied at IE Business School where he got a master’s degree in Business Administration. Upon completing his studies, he decided to immerse himself in the investment business. Granados worked as an investment adviser and businessperson in Miami, Florida.

iCrowdNewswire reported that Granados oversaw investment strategies for Fireman Capital Partners (FCP) in 2015. Serving as the FCP’s associate, his duties were to conduct research on universal factors affecting equity investments like energy efficiency, hedge funds, and expansion of innovative startups. Granados also performed thorough environmental analysis on behalf of the FCP. This analysis would provide information about social, demographic, and advanced factors that were most likely to influence business. The outcome of environment analysis enabled Granados to make informed decisions regarding investment opportunities prior to advising his clients.  For the more fun side of Danilo, check him out on SoundCloud, or follow his feed for some great shots from his extravagant parties.

Danilo Diaz Granados Brings Luxury To The People Of Miami, Florida


Miami is well known as one of the destinations those living the luxury lifestyle look to head for at some point in their life, which is why Danilo Diaz Granados decided to relocate his Toys For Boys brand in this Florida city. The impressive store created by Granados and his staff at Toys For Boys is just one aspect of the business of the company that is also involved in planning one off events that bring its male client list into contact with the best luxury experiences on offer in the Miami, Florida region.


The latest event created by Danilo Diaz Granados and his colleagues at Toys For Boys took the clients of the brand from a gourmet breakfast at the One Thousand Museum location to a day of thrills and high octane driving at the Palm Beach Race Track; the clients of Toys For Boys were transferred between locations helicopters to make sure the most luxurious and exciting experience possible was available to all. A return to Miami was completed by helicopter and followed by a champagne fueled sunset cruise from the River Yacht Club that allowed the best possible end of the day to be enjoyed by all involved.


Danilo Diaz Granados arrived in Miami soon after completing his education in entrepreneurship and economics at Babson College in a bid to start his career as an investment specialist in the luxury city. Granados had spotted a gap in the market for Latino’s, and in particular males who were often ignored in terms of targeting luxury products towards them. In recent years, Granados has also set out to develop investment strategies for the FCP company that include the latest technologies and strategies for building and increasing wealth.


Alongside his work as an investment specialist, Danilo has also looked to explore the latest luxury products through his own blog, which discusses technology and investment options from across the globe. Granados does not limit his viewpoint to the state of Florida or the U.S. as a whole, but explores new technologies being developed around the world for environmentally friendly energy production.  Read Danilo’s super informative article on immigrating to the US for business purposes here:


The Best Ways to Succeed in Both Business and Life

Josh Verne believes that the best way to succeed in business and in life is by getting out of your way. Below are five points that Josh believes to be the key to helping you get out of your way.
1. Be a Leader Not a Boss
Managers can be either leaders or bosses. Leaders use the respect that they have earned from their subordinates to accomplish goals whereas bosses rely on titles to achieve goals. Being a leader promotes unity in your team. The unity leads to accomplishment of anything the team sets its mind to.
2. Everything needs to be a Win-win
One should strive for the best out of a scenario each time. The win should be for you and everyone around you. This will help your business skyrocket.
3. Speak Less, Listen More
Speaking lesser words puts more power into them. This, in turn, makes one more authoritative. People will then tend to listen if you have something to say.
4. You Need to Have Work Life Balance
This refers to having every aspect of your life in the right proportion. Money without a loving family and proper health is useless and vice versa. Getting all aspects of your life to be well balanced does not mean spending an equal amount of time on each, but rather spending the right amount of time on each to ensure that they grow proportionately.
5. Figure Out What You are Passionate About
According to statistics, very few people are successful in what they do and at the same time do not have a passion for it. To establish that which you are passionate about you need to find that which makes you wake up early, miss parties and work late. Working on a project you consider boring tends to lower your productivity hence hinder your success.
About Josh Verne
Mr. Josh is the CEO of Flocku, LLC. The company was formed in 2015 and it acts as a platform where college students get to communicate through exchanging content. The goal of creating Flocku was to provide brands with a way of communicating with Millennials in a manner that they would appreciate and understand.
Josh is also the founder of Workpays, a company he sold in 2015. The main goal of Workpays was to promote the financial wellness of its clients. Verne also worked for Home Line Furniture from 1995 to 2011 serving as its president.

Equities First Holdings Offers Affordable Loans

Equities First Holdings is a global company that offers consumers alternative financial services. At the moment, the company provides its clients with capital against publicly traded stocks. Using these alternative financial services, clients from the institution can meet their personal and professionals goals. Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002, and it has been helpful to many clients from different parts of the globe.


Customers are given the capital they need against shares that have been trading in the public market, regardless of their location. Since it was founded, Equities First Holdings has completed over six hundred and fifty transactions successfully. According to a report from the company, these operations cost more than one billion dollars.


Equities First Holdings is a well- known company in the world. Many clients opt for the companies because of the low-interest rates they are given. Its headquarters are in the United States, and it has other offices in nine other nations. Most of the individuals who have received loans from the company say that they got the best services.


The financial crisis that happened in 2007/2008 affected many nations in the world. Some of the economies around the globe have not been able to recover completely from the crisis. The economic climate has been changing since then. The lending institutions were affected by the international crisis. Most of these establishments have had to tighten their lending systems, just to be on the safe side.


Equities First Holdings Management released a report just recently, saying that most of the loans offered by banking institutions have more interest, compared to the stock-based loans. Individuals in business who want to increase their operating capital are being forced to look for better ways to enhance their capital. The report says that most of these individuals have chosen the stock-based loans. The interest rates for these types of loans are low compared to the margin loans. The interest rates are also constant.


To be on the safe side, lending firms in the world have cut the lending options, significantly increased the lending rates, and the loan qualifications have been tightened. With the current harsh economy, it ‘s hard for many individuals to afford the loans.


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The Benefits Of Shea Butter And Why You Should Use It


Shea butter is amazing and you should use it. Here are the benefits of shea butter and why you should buy some to use.


Benefits Of Shea Butter

One of the main benefits is its moisturizing effects. It contains natural vitamins and good fatty acids, which means skin will be left moisturized and nourished. A lot of people use it to protect the natural oils in their skin and to help them with their dry skin.


The butter can reduce inflammation. This is why people with acne should use it. Not only that, but the butter may play a role in helping people avoid skin mutations. The butter contains natural properties and cinnamic acid.


Using it can lead to smoother looking and feeling skin. You can apply the butter all over your body and face daily. As time goes on, your skin should feel smoother and look smoother.


About EuGenia Shea

If you want to use shea butter, then purchase it from EuGenia Shea. The company offers various products, such as everyday shea butter, pregnancy strength shea and dermatological strength shea. They also have shea butter gift packs.


The company is ran by a mother and daughter duo, and they founded the company in 2015. Today, the company has grown into one of the best places to buy shea butter. In fact, their products use Naasakle shea butter, which means consumers can rest assure they are getting the best kind of shea butter around.


Order EuGenia Shea butter products today and experience the benefits of using it. EuGenia Shea has the best shea butter around.

Michael Zomber Is Very Passionate About Samurai Culture

Michael Zomber has spent nearly his entire life collecting antique Japanese weapons and studying Japanese history. With such tremendous experience, he found it quite easy and enjoyable to share his passion for these subjects with the rest of the world. One of his most notable publications is called Shogun lemitsu, which is a novel about samurai warriors in 17th-century Japan. This book focuses on two samurai fighters who are brave enough to challenge the government and overthrow the ruthless Shoguns. In a recent podcast, Michael Zomber opened up about his fascination with samurai customs and other unique traditions of Japan. The online interview also explains everything that went into the publication of Shogun lemitsu.

When it comes to writing novels, Michael Zomber is fully qualified for the job. In fact, his extensive academic resume includes several degrees in literature and other majors from prominent institutions of higher education like UCLA and Villanova University. Additionally, Zomber has spent many years building his knowledge of global history by traveling worldwide. More specifically, he has always focused on studying military history and anything else that is related to weapons. For most of his adult life, he has collected and traded antique firearms and other items that have been used in combat. Zomber admits that his most cherished collection includes samurai swords that were most likely used in some vicious confrontations centuries ago.

Zomber’s professional portfolio also includes some appearances on mainstream television. The History Channel invited him to appear as a guest historian on shows like Guns of the Orient. In this program, he offers some interesting commentary on weapons that have been used in Asian countries for generations. More specifically, he explains the details of samurai swords and other traditional weapons that were used to revolutionize Japan’s leadership.

Aside from writing books and collecting weapons, Michael Zomber also enjoys making films. In fact, he runs his own independent production studio that is called Renascent Films. His wife Andrea also plays a major role in managing this film studio. Michael Zomber launched numerous documentaries through this studio including the Soul of the Samurai.