Monthly Archives: May 2017

Alexandre Gama: From Copywriter to Mogul

Alexandre Gama has spent a very fruitful life in the advertising and communications world. He’s enjoyed success at every level starting as a copywriter after graduating from college. From there he continued copy writing while also serving as a creative director. His ultimate destination was when he formed his own agency known as Neogama. Neogama […]

Jeremy Goldstein

Anyone that is looking for a lawyer knows that finding the right one is essential if you are going to even have a chance to win. That is where Jeremy Goldstein comes in. As a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, his management of legal teams and experience in corporations and contract law […]

Online Reputation Management Basics

The modern world is dominated by faceless businesses conducted online. These businesses offer consumers lower prices, and it can be difficult to succeed if you do not take care of your online reputation. It is important for all business owners to be familiar with the concept of online reputation if they want to survive the […]

Labels Are Important To Understanding French Wines For UKV PLC

The expert wine merchants at UKV PLC have always been looking to aid their clients and followers in gaining a better understanding of the options available to them in the top French and European wines. One area UKV PLC believes holds back many individuals looking to develop their own wine collection is a simple lack […]