A Great Interview With Bob Reina

Talkfusion CEO Bob Reina sat down for an interview recently with the people from business and tech site superbcrew.com, and it’s a pretty good one. For those of you who may not know who Bob Reina is, he is the founder and CEO of a telecommunications and marketing company that works on a whole new model. Basically, their service is built around video calls, video conferences, and video emails. As videos are probably the most popular form of internet entertainment, and because legacy media is on the decline, the company has a business model that should stay viable for many years to come.


Their aim as a business is to improve customer attraction and retention for its clients, while also helping to lower their advertising costs. Being able to market their products directly to consumers via email and social media is a powerful thing, and is likely to continue becoming a more and more powerful part of the advertising landscape.


When asked who the primary target users of the product are, Bob Reina replied with no hesitation that it was a marketing tool first and foremost. He said that larger companies like Norwegian Cruise use their services to improve corporate communication at every level, while smaller companies use their services mainly to find new customers and drive new sales. When asked to explain the advantages of his service and method, Bob Reina replied that the main advantage was savings of time and money, since you could get all these services under one roof instead of having to make deals with numerous different countries.


When they asked him about new technologies that might disrupt the video marketing industry, Bob talked at length about WebRTC (Real-time communications), which he believes will revolutionaize the way that videos are shared over the internet. As this technology reaches its full potential, it is likely to increase its market by value by 24% a year if current trends hold. rather than being worried, Mr. Reina says he wants his company to be at the forefront of pushing this technology. So, he was then asked how we planned to do that, and he told them that it was already being done. he explained that when WebRTC technology first came along, he realized right away that it had big potential. As such, he says his company is now significantly ahead of the game in developing WebRTC to its full potential.


An interview with a business innovator is always a treat to read, and this is no exception. Learn more: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/talk-fusion-video-chat/id1014620741?mt=8