A Meeting For Felipe Montoro Jens And IDB Governors

It was a special meeting which was held in Argentina country in a city referred to as Mendoza. The meeting was attended by some prominent leaders of Inter-American Development Bank. The president Luis Alberto was in the meeting together with planning, development and management minister Dyogo Oliveira. Felipe Montoro Jens attended the meeting, and in his report, he talked about the discussion that took place in the meeting.

Dyogo Oliveira made a defense where the private investment was increasing in the Brazilian infrastructure. He was trying to make a request for finance guaranteed mechanism that will have the ability to leverage Latin Americans private investments infrastructural projects. The minister also made some proposals that the bank should promote the education field which will help point out more effective solutions to the risk management of the project. The bank will also have to leverage private investments of that region. The bank’s president agreed with the minister’s words. The president, Luis Caputo who is also the Board of Governors chairman in Argentina, he said that the time the state’s secretary start dealing with Business and Economy support from Spain, the dynamism of the market will be preferring Brazil and he made it the priority country. Follow Felipe on Twitter

The minister also talked about how the bank will require to do more new investments within the countries and it should support because they are going to face the already coming 4th industrial revolution. The main problem they have been trying to solve is road network infrastructures and providing sanitation water to the people, and due to the revolution, they will have to invest in the modern infrastructures and it will be a promotion of the incoming industrial revolution in the region.

According to the Luis Alberto, IDB president, he talked about the Latin America challenges which can become a consideration in the infrastructural convergence. It will be a connection improvement which will be happening in between the countries because the investments there are much lower than what is necessary. He also said that the region will require necessary development and it will be able to overcome the growth and development obstacles without doing many considerations. The bank has also made some adaptations.

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