Acting Styles Of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus founded a company that has been adhering to its social responsibilities in the society, and it has been presenting currently. In more than a decade, CVC has been supporting Doctor Klaide care and an educational institution. The entity has its base in Santo, and it is the area where its operator is found. It has been benefiting the people with low income by supporting them with school, psychological and medical care, vocational courses and leisure activities for young people.

CVC is recognised nationally and internationally. It is among the touristic that Brazilian carriers to the United States, South Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. It has its bases that are located in the destinations that it operates. It has partners that are more than thirty thousand between hotels, sea, land and airlines carriers. There is a context which has been impacting the economy of the place it is operating, It has generated both indirect and direct jobs and also local development.

The international governments honoured Guilherme Paulus. The French government praised Guilherme Paulus in 2012 because of his significant contribution, especially to development and tourism promotion. The organisation has also been recognised by Mexico, Venezuela, United States and Argentina for the deliverance to tourism.


In his country Brazil, he has received many awards having emphasis titles like the executive of Valor, a name from Valor newspaper, the year’s personality by Viegeme magazine and entrepreneur in accordance to the modern consumer magazine.

Guilherme Paulus has been considered as among the most substantial businessmen investing in this tourism industry where he acted as a member at National tourism council where and started in 2003, and he is an entrepreneur that was able to integrate the Social and Economic Development Council of the government. He has been participating in CDES that occurred between 2012 o 2016.

The other of the endeavours for the executive is GJP Hotels and Resorts. It is a network that was established in 2005 and started with just one establishment. It is now regarded as among the most significant national chains of hotels that specialises in events and leisure tourism. Today in Brazil, 14 ready hotels are distributed, and there is the plan to grow the main tourism destiny in the country. Learn more: