Alexandre Gama: From Copywriter to Mogul

Alexandre Gama has spent a very fruitful life in the advertising and communications world. He’s enjoyed success at every level starting as a copywriter after graduating from college. From there he continued copy writing while also serving as a creative director. His ultimate destination was when he formed his own agency known as Neogama.

Neogama grew fast after its inception and even garnered a prestigious Lion award from the Cannes Flim Festival in its first year. The festival highlights the top creative talent in the world; joining the ranks of the winners is a truly high achievement.

Alexander Gama has received a multitude of awards in Brazil for his work in the creative arts. His other interests include music and high performance sports cars. He’s involved in a music endeavor featuring Brazilian guitar players that includes; a music studio, a music label, and a YouTube channel. He’s an investor in the British car company Briggs Automotive Company. They manufacture high performance sports cars.

Alexander Gama has lived an amazing life and reached the highest levels of professional success.