Anil Chaturvedi Top Banker the World has Seen

Anil Chaturvedi is known for the immense contribution that he has made to the banking industry as a whole. He has spent more than four decades in the industry, and there is no one better than him to talk about the different investment opportunities out there. He has specialized in corporate banking and for most of the companies that he has worked for; he has helped clients make sound investment strategies to enter new markets such as that of India. He is currently working in Switzerland with the Hinduja Bank where he focuses on international trade between India and European companies. Here, he helps European companies looking to invest in India and bring their products and services to the people of India.

Anil Chaturvedi graduated from the Meerut University, India back in 1973 and has a degree in Bachelor of Arts and also has an Honors degree in Economics. He then joined the Delhi University from where he received his MBA degree in Finances. After completing his studies, he has held many prestigious positions in top banks. He had joined the Merrill Lynch in 1993 as an MD and had worked there till 2011. He was posted in New York City and was responsible for companies in the United States to invest in India. Before joining Merrill Lynch, he was working for the State Bank of India and was responsible for the development of their business.

Anil Chaturvedi is a global banker who offers investment planning and solutions to its clients. He is known as one of the top financial advisors in the world and speaks on international trading at international platforms. He has also held discussions with the top politicians and the top banking executives on the need for companies to invest their money in India if they want a steady growth. Apart from being a top banker, he likes to spend quality time with his family. He also spends time and money with different charities that he believes in. It is not just the money, he also gives time to these charities and attend their functions and also work on different projects as a volunteer.