Arthur Becker’s Focus on Entrepreneurial Success

The world of entrepreneurial work is always evolving and always changing. That is why it can be so hard for new business leaders to end up falling flat. Arthur Becker, the chairman and CEO of ZINIO, has been establishing himself as one of the top investors in the industry for years. Becker has now successfully transitioned into real estate with his work at Madison Partners LLC as the Managing Partner there. Becker’s something of an industry success story and he is always graceful enough to share his secrets to success.

Sitting down with Arthur Becker there is really one thing you need to know about him: he is a consummate professional who takes pride in always being prepared. Of course, you’d have to be always prepared when you drift into so many industries. As the Managing Partner at Madison Partners LLC, Becker has been focused on investing in both real estate and bio technology. This came about in 2011 when Becker decided to quit focusing solely on technological investments.

Right now Arthur Becker is most proud of the way he was able to immediately find a path to profit in the tech industry. Becker says, “I had almost an immediate profit on several investments in the technology side of things. That satisfaction was rewarding in many ways too.” Becker then transitioned away from tech investments at ZINIO in order to focus on a more diversified portfolio at Madison Partners, LLC — starting in 2011.

At Madison Partners Becker has shown the ability to develop several key projects at the same time. Right now Becker is developing a pair of buildings in New York City: one in downtown Soho and the other in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. Becker says, “I would have to say that my inspiration has come from working closely with the Vera Wang Fashion company, where I learned a great deal about design and fashion.” Becker goes on to say that he has never had any doubt about himself as a businessman. He expounds by saying that if you are always prepared, you will rarely find yourself doubting. More details can be found on Inspirery.

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