Bernardo Chua’s Success With Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is a renowned name in the expansive direct selling industry. In the past decade, he has focused his energies on introducing people to the various merits of ganoderma. To make people purchase the product, Chua has incorporated the herb in coffee and teas. He sells these products through his company, Organo Gold, around the globe.

Previously, Chua worked for Gano Excel Philippines before he was promoted to serve as Gano Excel USA’s president. Having grown up in Philippines, Bernardo Chua was introduced to ganoderma early in his life.

By virtue of his Chinese heritage, he was able to understand the importance of the polypore mushrooms. They often grow on logs wood. The herb, which has medicinal values, has been popular in different Asian countries, including China.

He is regarded as one of the first people to market ganoderma outside the Asian continent. When he started the business of selling teas and coffees in Philippines, he settled on the direct selling business model. PR News Wire said that Bernado Chua believed that through extensive networks, he would be able to grow his business quickly and expand the company’s operations to the global market. The model worked in his favor, as he was able to create a broad client base within a short period.

Notably, Bernardo is regarded as one of the most successful entrepreneurs from the expansive Pacific Rim. To this end, he has been the recipient of various awards. In 2014, the joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards announced him the winner of the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry.

Organo Gold has also received an award from the National Shoppers Choice for the being the leading direct selling company in food supplements. In addition, Bernardo has received the Direct Sales Company of the Year award five times.

At Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua focuses on refining his business. He works closely with the leading producers of ganordema in the globe. This way, he is able to provide the public with quality products without having to increase prices of these commodities.

Over the years, he has been funding ganoderma-related research. This innovative strategy has enabled him to have a competitive edge, especially when new uses or breakthroughs on the herb are discovered. Bernardo has an active presence online. One can contact him through his LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

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