Brad Reifler Signs Partnership with Easter Seals Dixon to Support Veterans

Brad Reifler is a respected financial expert and the Founder of Forefront Capital Advisors and Forefront Income Trust, a public, non-traded interval fund. Over the years, Brad has signed numerous partnerships and agreements aimed at advancing various causes that target to transform the community. On March 2016, Marketwired reported that Brad had entered into a partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center and made a donation of $3million.

Forefront Capital Advisors chose to sign the partnership because it greatly appreciates the positive impact Seals Dixon Center was making in the lives of veterans and military families. The center is focused on creating life changing opportunities and highlighting the potential held by veterans and military families.

To achieve its aims, Easter Seals Dixon Center is committed on its push to assist the military family’s access education, healthcare and find meaningful employment, both on the national and local level. Following the cooperation, Brad Reifler restated that Forefront Capital Advisor’s was fully devoted to its mission of changing lives of veterans and military communities by safeguarding their financial future.

He added that the partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center portend great things, since military families and veterans needed to secure their financial future so they can lead sustainable lives after active service. The $3 million donation by Brad Reifler will cover priority areas such as veteran’s job training, health and wellness, caregiver training, advocacy and education.

The Chairman of the Easter Seals Dixon Center, Col David W. Sutherland, thanked Forefront Capital Advisors for the partnership and enduring support. Before establishing Forefront Income Trust in January 2014, Brad Reifler’s founded PALI Capital in January 1995, an overview of Brad’s LinkedIn page reveals. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

While serving as the CEO and Chairman of Pali Capital, Brad attained unprecedented growth and unparalleled rise in revenues. The positive tidings saw the company expand its foothold outside the US to include the UK, Singapore and Latin America.

Brad Reifler continuous to serve in various advisory and corporate boards. He holds a bachelor’s degree of Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College. His core skills are in asset management, investment and trading.