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Doe Deere: The Lime Crime Queen

Introduction The Lime Crime Queen is a projected energy of beauty that is open to all commentary. She feels that there’s something to learn in all feedback and it doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive. I second that motion. Being on top is a hard stance to hold and in business we have to […]

The Woman behind Lime Crime, Doe Deere

The idea for the company originated when she was modeling her DIY fashion and find it increasingly difficult to find the dramatic and colorful makeup she needed. Four years after the idea came to her, in 2008, she founded the cosmetics line online. Doe started small but grew by staying true to herself and her […]

Doe Deere – Lime Crime Time

Doe Deere is a Russian woman who created the make-up line “lime Crime” when she moved to the United States. She had the idea many years before she finally launched the animal-friendly line on eBay in 2008. Deere always loved bright colors ever since she could remember. Especially bright green; hence the name, “Lime Crime”. […]