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Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger started working with a little girl named Sadie Keller to find ways to help out children who are in the hospital fighting against the terrible illness cancer. Sadie Keller was diagnosed with cancer around the age of seven. They type of cancer that she had attacks your blood and bone marrow. Sadie Keller […]

Be a Good Entrepreneur with Jose Hawilla

The objective of every investor as they start a business is to be successful and have a great margin profit. Sadly, only a small percent get to achieve this. There are many factors that you may be missing out as an investor that is contributing to your failure. It is vital that you keep reading […]

Lori Senecal Leads CP+B to Successful Partnerships

Introduction For years now, the world of gender inequality has taken a positive turn with women investing in education and career advancement. Unlike in the past when women’s roles were strictly domestic, the new world has seen women holding managerial positions. One such woman is Lori Senecal, the chief executive officer of an advertising agency […]