CEO of National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is an engineering and manufacturing company located in Hamilton, Canada. This is a company that has been in the country for more than a hundred years. Having been started in 1912, this is a company that has been led by a management team that has been serious about its work. Many management teams fail to steer a company for such a long time. National Steel Car has been operating in a very challenging environment. It has been operating at a time when the economic challenges have been many. The company has also operated when technological advancements have been huge.


Technological advancements have been the number one “killer” of companies in the engineering and manufacturing industries. Technological advancements have led to advanced products that lead to the extinction of the traditional ones. Companies in this industry have to keep up with technology by making sure that at all times technological advancements are implemented in the companies. This is the only way that a company can be able to stay relevant in this highly competitive business. National Steel Car is one such company. This is a company that has been up to date with the technology that has been coming up. This is the reason that the company has led in the industry for such a long time.



National Steel Car has recently been making into headlines due to the huge growth that has been seen in the company. The current management of CEO Gregory James Aziz has been remarkable. This is a management that is taking development in the company to a higher level. Gregory Aziz bought this company in 1994 from Dofasco. Since then he has been in the company making changes that have made the company get back on track. Under the previous management, prediction had slowed down. Greg Aziz has come in and is making waves in the industry. He has made the company great again. The company is producing over 12000 cars every year as opposed to 3500 under the previous management. The company has also improved its workforce. It currently employs over 2000 workers. Get More Info Here.



National Steel Car has been awarded the ISO certification. This means that it is observing all the rules and regulations of the manufacturing industry. The company has also won awards of quality for 13 years in the bounce. This is an achievement that has not been seen lately. This is an achievement that has pushed the company as a leader in this industry.



Gregory James Aziz is from Ontario and was born in 1949.