Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Mike Baur’s Risk Pays Off for Startup Industry

The Swiss Start Up Factory is the primary choice for entrepreneurs within the startup industry who want to meet selective goals for success and leverage their talents beyond the traditional marketplace. The Switzerland Company was co-founded by Mike Baur in 2014. Mike is currently the Executive Chairman of the company, and he also has a very active role within the investor process in order to secure funding for startup companies.


Startup companies are typically fast and growing businesses that have a specific goal of meeting the needs of a particular marketplace. In order to develop a successful startup company, there needs to be a viable business model based on a product, service or process. The founding of Swiss Start Up Factory has changed the trajectory of the startup industry in ways that create long lasting and successful entrepreneurs.


Typically, an entrepreneur has a small business already in process; however, there are many entrepreneurs that produce startup companies from a business idea, inventive process, or in some cases they’re in a partnership that needs to be further developed. The three month accelerator program within Swiss Start Up Factory was designed by Mike in a strategic manner to assemble teams that bring innovative talent and align with inventive resources to fast-track the startup process. The program provides coaching, mentoring as well as office space which is used to further develop the business.


For over 20 years, Mike worked in the Swiss banking industry and at one time held a high-ranking position with one of the country’s largest private banks. He held an advisory position in 2008 with Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), and he held a leadership position with Claiden Leu. Mike’s banking experience and success eventually led him to become a board member for the private bank.


Mike’s passion for further success drove his decision to leave the banking industry in order to pursue the startup industry. Mike received his MBA from the University of New York and an additional Executive MBA from Bern University. While his experience within the banking industry was extremely lucrative and earned him a prestigious professional reputation, Mike discovered that his business skills could be further used within the startup industry.


Although, it was a risky venture leaving a secure financial structure, Mike’s passion for bringing talented entrepreneurs together and providing the resources needed for success led him to reach beyond traditional methods.