Correctional Facilities Appreciate Securus Technologies

I have noted that many prisons and jails throughout North America are using Securus Technologies products and services. This has been as a result of their credibility and reliability. For sure these facilities have become more secure than before. Securus Technologies products include unmatched civil and justice technology solutions. The company provides communication services, surveillance, inmate self-service, internet service to inmates as well as information management technology.



The company has been very instrumental in helping inmates as well as correctional facilities staff to have a secure environment. Securus has invested heavily in technology to ensure public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies monitor everything that is happening in the facility. With excellent information system that records call, the facilities can monitor suspicious inmates and staff.



As a result of excellent services and products, many clients have written emails and letter to Securus Technologies. In most of these comments, clients are appreciating Securus for enhancing their prisons and jails safety. From what is saw in the comments, one of the letters came from a law enforcement facility that was able to arrest a corrupt officer within the facility. With Securus phone call information, the facility was able to get a search warrant which enabled them to arrest the officer the following day.



Another facility expressed how grateful they were to get inmates who were selling drugsand using alcohol. They got this information from the surveillance system where they were able to monitor suspicious inmates. Another comment from a different correctional facility was recognizing Securus LBS software. The officer said that the software was helping them in recovering illegal assets, cash as well as drugs. Many other comments followed, and all of them appreciated Securus Technologies.


From all the comments, it is evident that Securus Technologies is the leading provider of Justice and civil technology solutions. I think with the leadership of CEO Rick Smith and proper investments and innovations, Securus Technology has become great. It serves over 3450 correctional, public safety as well as law enforcement agencies across North America.


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  • Karlee Konnor says:

    Rick Shinto is truly a visionary CEO owing to the major changes that his innovation in the communication sector has brought into correctional facilities around. Using best essay writing services review to serve as a guild, I think that Securus Technology is a brand that people will be talking about in years to come following the things that correctional facilities has achieved through the use of their tech.