Danilo Diaz Surprises Affluent Guests With an Action-filled Event



Danilo Diaz Granados recently organized an event that mesmerized his rich guest in Miami. The event featured elegant dishes, helicopter rides, private previews, outstanding time at the racetrack, Dom Perignon’s bottles, and a sunset boat ride. Danilo is famous for organizing unforgettable events for Miami’s hand-selected socialites. Danilo opened the event by treating the guests to a fantastic breakfast at One Thousand Museum Sales Center. Next, they previewed the highly awaited Biscayne area-based residential building. Danilo and his guest took a helicopter to the Palm Beach Race Track where every individual took a spin around the racetrack.

The event proceeded as the elite socialites returned via helicopter and they were welcomed with Dom Perignon Champagne. Then, they were treated to a lip-smacking lunch at the famous River Yacht Club situated on the Miami River courtesy of Dom Perignon.

According to Granados, the primary goal for hosting this event was to create a memorable experience for his hand-selected guests.

Granados’ academic qualifications and business career

Danilo Diaz Granados obtained his first degree in entrepreneurship and economics from the highly esteemed Babson College. He later studied at IE Business School where he got a master’s degree in Business Administration. Upon completing his studies, he decided to immerse himself in the investment business. Granados worked as an investment adviser and businessperson in Miami, Florida.

iCrowdNewswire reported that Granados oversaw investment strategies for Fireman Capital Partners (FCP) in 2015. Serving as the FCP’s associate, his duties were to conduct research on universal factors affecting equity investments like energy efficiency, hedge funds, and expansion of innovative startups. Granados also performed thorough environmental analysis on behalf of the FCP. This analysis would provide information about social, demographic, and advanced factors that were most likely to influence business. The outcome of environment analysis enabled Granados to make informed decisions regarding investment opportunities prior to advising his clients.  For the more fun side of Danilo, check him out on SoundCloud, or follow his About.me feed for some great shots from his extravagant parties.

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