Discover the 5 Benefits of Distributing a Press Release Online

It was not so long ago that distributing paid press release is all traditional. Businesses depend on pitching to reporters with no definite guarantee that they’ll get media coverage.

Today, the marketing sphere has become more internet-media based. Everything works on the internet, even distributing releases.

Unlike pitching that is often a tedious and long process, distributing a press release online is so much easier for businesses. They also provide a lot of benefits that are unbelievable to imagine.

Check out the 5 benefits that your business can likely enjoy using an online distribution service:

  • It boosts traffic to your website.

Writing and distributing releases are a great way to increase website traffic. A well written content has a clear and effective call-to-action (CTA) that guides your visitors to proceed to the next step after reading your release.

You can create a landing page on your website or allow your visitors to learn about your business by providing a link in the published release. If you have written your announcement well, they are most likely interested to know more about what your business is, your offer and how they can benefit from it.

You can track site traffic by choosing a service that provides an analytics report. You need to know how many people reached your site from your release. This gives you an insight of how effective your content is.

  • It increases your sales.

Press releases are a powerful communication tool to promote your new products to your target audience. If you have a new line of products, distributing releases can easily promote it to your market.

You can easily spread this news, especially now that online distribution sites integrate social media sharing buttons on the release itself. It can mean a lot for your marketing because your news is exposed to a lot of people on social media.

A lot of exposure is good because you are able to market your products without spending too much on marketing campaigns. You can earn more sales as more people become aware of your brand and products.

Moreover, if you hire a service for distributing your releases, it can reach their network of journalists, bloggers and media outlets. Anyone who picked up your release will give you publicity. Their readers who visit your site may eventually turn into buyers.

  • Good for your SEO.

Optimization of releases for the search engines has been a big question since Google changed its algorithms. Many believe that it is no longer useful because it cannot help businesses anymore in their SEO.

Releases are still content that can help sites rank better on the search engines. First, they must optimize it for the users. Create a useful, interesting and relevant story for them.

Google and other search engines select well written content to be placed on top of the rank. Writing a good story that benefits the users can greatly help you get found on the search engine result page.

When your content is useful and relevant, credible sites will link back to you. This further places you on top of the search engines. They will label you as an authorize or credible site.

  • It is a fast method to spread your news.

Using online paid PR distribution services submission sites can help you save time. It is also a quick method to disseminate your news to your target market.

Unlike pitching, you need to build relationships with the media first. This approach is time-consuming as you need to work on building rapport with them.

Despite your effort, there is no guarantee that you’ll get publicity. In some cases, you’ll only get a few mentions on their articles.

When you use a distribution service, you can get your news in front of your target reporters and media outlets. This is possible, even without spending time to build relationships with them. It is because these online distribution providers have already built-in ties with them.

The result can be impressive because it is less work for you. You can monitor the results like checking the metrics important for you to measure its success.

  • It establishes your brand as an expert.

Over time, the effect of the regular distribution of releases can be rewarding. You can establish your company as a thought leader in the industry.

You can write about newsworthy and positive news about your company that promotes your strength and expertise. For instance, you can write a release about the recent results of your research or study, speaking engagements, publishing a white paper or citing your insight or opinion about a sensitive issue happening in your city or country.

You are in control of what message you want people to know about you when you write releases. It is a great way of communicating to your target audience, while building brand awareness, getting new leads and improving your sales.