Doe Deere – entrepreneur and owner of jewelry brand Poppy Angeloff

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur and has her own jewelry company called Poppy Angeloff. She is widely known for her uniqueness when it comes to a wide array of colors and for making women feel confident in their own skin. She got interested in the jewelry business from looking at family artifacts and realized that it would be a good decision from having her own makeup company. Through her own research, she narrowed it down to what specific style she wanted to work off of and put those ideas into her own jewelry line with her own uniqueness. The makeup brand that she led was called Lime Crime and was known as makeup for “unicorns” for its special rainbow color designs. Deere describes that the idea for that came from a day being with her husband in the apartment and going off of how she wore makeup. Prior to this idea, she was selling her own clothing on eBay. Doe Deere has always been an entrepreneur forming her very own ideas and for being confident in her own skin with her own style. Her makeup brand not only became famous for the array of colors but also because the products were cruelty-free and vegan. Deere explains that she did not have the connections at first in the industry so she took a risk on herself and it paid off. The entrepreneur decided to sell the makeup brand with her husband as they both now work on Poppy Angeloff and emphasizes that the success of a company lies in the service to customers and the products too. Doe Deere remembers stories of getting letters from customers how she has positively impacted their lives by showing them to be themselves through her products. The businesswoman truly believes in what her products represent and in appreciating the customers. Doe Deere reflects that she has come a long way since immigrating to the US at the age of 17 with her family and being homeless at a point to barely making it by. The entrepreneur believes that color is the most important aspect and even lists 3 steps for upcoming entrepreneurs and that is to be passionate, act and be like a customer, and take risks.