Doe Deere – Lime Crime Time

Doe Deere is a Russian woman who created the make-up line “lime Crime” when she moved to the United States. She had the idea many years before she finally launched the animal-friendly line on eBay in 2008. Deere always loved bright colors ever since she could remember. Especially bright green; hence the name, “Lime Crime”.


Deere moved to the land of the free and the home of the brave when she was only 17. During her time as a young girl, the trend for make up was a series of beige, nude palettes and the lightest pinks. This didn’t excite Doe Deere, this wasn’t what makeup was about. Make up is about expressing yourself with bright vivid colors, if you choose.


Deere was one of the first to start selling makeup online. She modeled everything herself in the beginning. She got a lot of negativity for it because people told her things such as “Women will never buy makeup online! they want to go to the store and try it on! Maybe get a free consultation! She felt very strongly otherwise; she said if you depict the item properly and show it on a model, women will most definitely buy it. She was right.


Deere showed close ups of women’s lips, nails or eyes wearing the product rather than on a blank piece of paper to show women how it would look on them. Other businesses soon picked up this style of marketing as well. Her non-animal tested eye shadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes are really taking off. A lot of people like the idea of wearing makeup for fun and to express inner beauty and not just to make yourself look look like you have a slightly better complexion and redder cheeks than you did a few minutes ago.


Deere is all about positive reinforcement and living life how you want. She says to all entrepreneurs out there trying to get off the ground, that you should always stick to your guns. Just because a majority of people say negative things about your idea always do what feels right. Its always good to get outside opinions but listen to your gut.

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  • Peyton Zion says:

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