Doe Deere: The Lime Crime Queen


The Lime Crime Queen is a projected energy of beauty that is open to all commentary. She feels that there’s something to learn in all feedback and it doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive. I second that motion. Being on top is a hard stance to hold and in business we have to wear tough skin to lead. Check out the Russian born and cherished New Yorker. Mrs. Deere refuses to let anything get in the way of her company being the head of expressing beauty as a purpose of individualism. This is a trademark you must recognize if you want to be gorgeous. “I listen to my employees, my customers, even people who don’t like me – there’s always something to learn if you’re just willing to open up your ears and your mind,” (, June, 2017).


A humorous story to me is that Lime Crime started from Doe Deere testing products on in 2004. She noticed a requirement for aggressive colors with flair and right away her sales begin to take off, so she decided to launch her own company in 2008. The reason the story is so comical for me is that I personally have the knowledge of knowing that and are hidden gems for product activity where most small business ideas soar “especially” in fashion. The international brand is humble enough to support other women in the hopes of all women succeeding in this world of beauty.

Morning Routine

The originator of Lime Crime recently had dialogue with Savoir Flair and raised eyebrows on how she begins her mornings. The icon of exquisiteness begin the day reinvigorated with adequate hours of rest. It’s very peachy in the mornings of birds chirping as she expresses that she’s a morning person.

Most mornings start with a light, but healthy breakfast. This is followed by a blank stare out the window with the thought that every strong successful women should have and that is I must get the job done and prosper. Mrs. Deere day could be as simple as eight hours or can bleed into the night of wee hours in the morning.

One of the last things this respected business woman does in her mornings is play her childhood music and uncomplainingly rubs in her particular plus arranged products. Her days can be quite long dependent on meetings and other day-to-day operations, so the application process can detailed and timely. Knowing these efforts makes me grasp a greater respect for the female and what it takes to be one.

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