Dr. Saad Saad services as a pediatric surgeon in the Middle East

There is no person who does not have potential to be what he or she would like to be in life. It is all about how committed you are to the goals you have in life. Dr. Saad Saad is a clear testimony of people who have transformed their lives from a very humble grounds to becoming top professionals in the world. Saad was born in Palestine, his parents moved to Kuwait and this is where he grew up as a refugee. He had the opportunity of attending the University of Cairo. Here, he worked hard and graduate with honors and the second in his class with a medical degree. He attended his internship in England and later moved to the United States where he finally settled down and started practicing as a medical doctor.


Dr. Saad took his profession seriously, after he went to the United States, among the things he did was to seek accreditation from the relevant boards. By 1980s, he was already a board-certified meaning that he could offer services in any part of the globe. Following his stellar performance as a pediatric surgeon, he was hired by the Saudi Royal as a personal pediatric surgeon. His job was to attended to patients at the King Faisal Specialists Hospital. This is a hospital where members of the royal families in the Middle East come for treatment. It was a big honor for Saad to be selected as a doctor by the royal families. His fluency in English and Arabic and also being a board certified pediatric surgeon earned him the position.


Dr. Saad had achieved so much by 1980s as a surgeon. The things which were happening were never planned, it is his dedication which landed him the opportunity to serve in the prestigious royal families’ hospital. Before he left Saudi Arabia, Dr. Saad had an opportunity to deal with a number of other things apart from offering surgical services. He left behind a great legacy as the doctor who influenced development of medical studies in the country. He worked on a collaboration between Surgical Residency Program and the Royal College of Surgeons in England.


Surgical Residency Program ensured that students from Saudi Arabia did not have to go to other countries to seek for quality surgical education. The program ensured they were trained by experts from the Royal College of Surgeons and given the necessary certification. Many students benefitted from this program on top of building up the medical industry in the Middle East.


Dr. Saad is now retired from service and lives in New Jersey. In his career, he proved that it was possible for a Palestine refugee to rise and become an influential professional in the U.S. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad