Duda Melzer Honors The Traditions Of The RBS Group

After taking control of the RBS Group that has been controlled by his family since its formation in the 1950s, Duda Melzer has been looking to bring the entire media group into the 21st century with an eye on the development of a new era in the success so far achieved by the company over the course of his short tenure in the role of Chair of the board of directors. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been willing to express his commitment to the traditional avenues of success within the RBS Group but also details his insistence on the entire company moving ahead with an evolution that takes into account the changes being seen in the global media industry. For more details visit Odiario.

Duda Melzer has taken a career path preparing him for the demands of the global media industry, including spending a large amount of time studying and working in the U.S. to learn as much as possible about the largest media market in the world. In his career in the U.S., Melzer was appointed to the position of CEO of the Box Top Media Company and learned a large amount about the opportunities offered by new media technologies. You can visit Valor to know more.

New media is an area that has been at the top of the list for Eduardo Sirootsky Melzer in terms of his thoughts on the future of the media industry and RBS; under his leadership the news gathering area of the RBS Group has undergone major changes to become more focused on the use of Online options for delivering news and information. Duda met with representatives of journalistic groups as a way of reassuring them about his continued commitment to delivering news to the people of the Rio Grande do Sul region using a modern and entertaining delivery system.

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