Fabletics taking on Amazon

Succeeding in the online business is not an easy process considering the number of competitors in the market but somehow Fabletics seems to have done it. The company has generated over $250 million in profits in the last three years. How have they managed to stay ahead despite the stiff competition? They used the reverse show rooming.

What is reverse show rooming?

When you advertise a product online and then have physical stores around, that is called reverse show rooming. Fabletics was established as an online retail store where people could access the different active wear. The challenge of having such a business is that people will view your products and then go buy them somewhere else at a cheaper price. Due to this reason, the Fabletics Company opened different stores that people could use to buy their products. They have also gone step further by offering affordable high-quality products to their clients. This has enabled them to boost their sales and also build their clientele.

The member targeting

Another great way that the company has been able to build their brand is through targeting the members. It is easy to offer personalized services if you know what the customers want. Through their social media platforms, the company is able to collect data of their customers. They will use the data to offer the products and services that the customers prefer.

They have also used their Instagram page to collect data like the member preferences and subscriptions to determine the different store locations.

This innovative data centered strategy has helped the company to keep in touch with their subscriptions both online and offline. Many of the customers that have gone to the local stores have subscribed to the online shopping experience.

Focus on culture and people

Fablteics are using a new formula to advance into their competitors’ territory. This they have done through striking a balance between customer experience, consumer education and lifestyle

About Fabletics

Fabletics is a company that was launched as an online subscription retailer that deals with sportswear. They have however established different local stores that people can use to get access to their products. Fabletics uses these local stores to increase their customer base.

This is a company that was founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The company started off by offering sportswear for women. However, they have expanded their brands to men’s sportswear and also swimsuits.

The membership of the company is free. The company sends out emails to the VIP members every month showing them the different new products. The members are given up to the 5th of that month to make a decision to either skip or shop. If they decide not to shop the product, they will be charged $49.95 which will be a store credit. When you create an account, you will be required to complete a survey in relation to your workout routine and also your lifestyle. You will receive information and suggestions based on this information.



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