Fagali – Gateway to Polynesian Experience

No other Polynesian island has the charm and beauty of that of Fagali, a small yet pristine village on the island of Upolu, located in the Samoan Archipelago.

Don’t let the small population of under 1,600 people fool you, there’s plenty of things for you to enjoy once you land on the Airport owned and operated by Polynesian Airlines providing a quick entry to enjoy culture Fagali Airport has to offer by visiting the Samoan Cultural Village, showing you the way of Samoan life.

There’s also much to do for the more active people, the snorkel and diving services near the town allow you to explore the beautiful waters that lay on the coast. The beautiful town boasts, among other attractions the Royal Samoa Golf Course that will provide plenty of entertainment.

Fagali may not be a name that’s thought of when thinking of literary greats but Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson breathed his last in Upolu and the museum that stands next to his burial site is only a quick drive away from Fagali.

The airport enables customers to fly in to enjoy the sights and experience that only the village can provide. This allows the entire island of Upolu to benefit from the growth in tourism and business that it fosters. Tourists that visit are often astounded by the beauty of the Papapapaitai Falls, a sight to behold.

For people who enjoy shopping, The airport is the gateway to the Old Apia Market, only a quick drive away from the Fagali airport. The market sells souvenirs and trinkets that will be cherished by the tourists and help them remember their trip to the island fondly.

With the airport now fully functional, the ancient town is set to experience a tourism growth that will not only profit the business but for the entire population of Fagali.

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