Flavio Maluf Initiates Business between Eucatex and Duratex Concerning the Factory in Botucatu

When an opportunity presents itself, it is good to seize it. As for Eucatex, they have had the privilege of working with Duratex. The deal between Eucatex and Duratex involves Eucatex giving out their farm in Capao Bonito. In return, Eucatex will seize a production line owned by Duratex that deals in thin sheets of wood in and it’s located in Botucatu.

After the acquisition of the firm, Duratex has the sole aim of utilizing the farm in order to increase the production of raw materials. The raw materials will then be processed in a Duratex unit located in Itapetinga. The business is worth R $ 60 million. Also, the factory in Botucatu has a workforce of 280 employees. The factory also produces approximately 200 thousand m³ per year. With the acquisition of the farm in Capao Bonito, Duratex will resume production at their factory in Itapetinga. The factory will be re-launched in April (2018). Follow Flavio Maluf on Twitter.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is the serving president of Eucatex. While serving as the president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills. As for education, Flavio Maluf graduated with honors from the FAAP in Sao Paulo. By schooling in such a prestigious university, Maluf gained a cutting edge regarding the world of business. Apart from serving as the current president of Eucatex, Maluf has also served as the president of Grand Food.

Far from being the president of Eucatex, Maluf also issues entrepreneurial tips that come in handy as for the case of upcoming entrepreneurs. He gives tips on how to excel in a job interview as well as the place of employment. His tips are exemplary, and they have contributed to the success of various individuals.


As an exemplary leader and entrepreneur, Maluf works hand in hand with his staff. Before the completion of the deal with Duratex regarding the Botucatu deal, Flavio Maluf had initially informed the Eucatex workforce. Upon the completion of the deal, Maluf is quite confident that the production capacity of Eucatex will increase tremendously on a positive scale due to the increase in the production of fiber sheets.

Also, as a company based in Brazil, Eucatex will be able to strengthen their position in the market. Moreover, under the exemplary leadership of Flavio Maluf, Eucatex is set to grow more and more. After the merger, it was clear to note that Flavio Maluf has the best interests of Eucatex and the company is set to go further under his leadership.

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