FreedomPop Brings Choice to Mobile Carriers

There is a mobile carrier that is currently racking up some serious noise. FreedomPop is a freemium phone company that focuses on giving users value (even FREE) where and whenever possible. This is a marked departure from the current state of the mobile phone carrier world and it is definitely worth looking into. While many people are right to be skeptical about a freemium company, we put together this FreedomPop review in order to shed some light on how the company works.


So what FreedomPop does, right off the bat, is offer a chance for low income/low expense users to get into a phone plan that offers them some serious upside without any price tag. The ‘Freemium’ phone plan, which is what FreedomPop offers to ALL subscribers, includes unlimited texting, 200 minutes of voice chat, and 500 MB of mobile 4G data. Heavy data users will find this amount to be lacking but it isn’t meant to fulfill every need. Low data users will enjoy the extra free 4G usage. In any event, FreedomPop offers much more than just this basic and free program.


Subscribers to FreedomPop are capable of upgrading pretty much whenever they want. Just because you move out of FreedomPop’s free plan doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to get something quality. FreedomPop is focused on being competitive at every level against their competition. That is why you can upgrade to 1GB mobile data plans, with unlimited talk and texting, for just $19.99. This price tag is competitive with just about any other option on the marketplace.


As far as hardware is concerned, FreedomPop offers their own brand of phones. Otherwise if you already own your own Sprint device you can bring it on and activate it just like that. Otherwise FreedomPop offers new and refurbished Sprint phones as well as their own brand of hardware. We expect the company to continue improving their selection of phones as they establish themselves.


What we find most impressive about FreedomPop is their dedication to giving new value to customers who are used to the old way, where carriers are relatively lazy or non-imaginative. FreedomPop’s WiFi network includes nearly countless hotspots all across the United States. Access to this network comes at only $5 per month — a perfect alternative to a high priced WiFi plan from a conventional provider. No matter where you land on FreedomPop’s core offerings you have to admit that they have a lot to offer.



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