FreedomPop Is Offering Various Sized Plans To Their Customers

There are tons of reasons to join as a new FreedomPop customer, but the biggest reason is because FreedomPop has the lowest prices of any cell phone carrier. Compared to companies like Verizon, FreedomPop has a cost for service that is a fraction of what Verizon customers are paying. In the year 2014, some Verizon customers were paying an average of almost $150 per month for their service, and their prices haven’t gotten much lower over the past couple years. Many are still complaining that they are paying too much money for their cell phone service, which is why they are switching to companies like FreedomPop.

Many want cell phone service under their terms, and not every customer wants unlimited cell phone service. Those who don’t mind having a smaller cell phone service plan can go with the free plan from FreedomPop that gives them 200 minutes of talk time, up to 700 MB of data, and 500 text messages. The free plan has no cost attached to it, so anyone who wants to save money and not pay for this cell phone plan should choose the free plan that FreedomPop is offering. An unlimited plan is great for those who don’t like counting their minutes.

Anyone can use as much talk time as they want with the unlimited plan as well as all the text messages they need. The data on the unlimited plan will start at 4G LTE speeds and will be slowed down to 3G speeds after the customer has used up the 1 GB of 4G LTE data. The 3G speeds are unlimited, so the FreedomPop user can still have Internet service when they need it.

Listed in a FreedomPop review is also info about their international calling that is available from over 60 different countries, and calling plans are available to call other countries as well. Any phone is now usable on the FreedomPop network, including GSM phones and CDMA phones that come directly from Sprint. The GSM phones that take a sim card will have to be unlocked through their original network. Unlocked GSM phones can be brought over to FreedomPop for use, and the user will not have to purchase a phone to get service.

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    FreedomPop also has virtual phone numbers, which is great for those who don’t necessarily want to change their number permanently but still want the benefits of having a number from a different area code. It can also be very serious for Writing a resume if things are not done in the right order.