Glenn Schlossberg: A Driving Force In Fashion Entrepreneurship

As corporate acquisitions now happen on a regular basis, the fashion industry has seen many changes over the past decade. This trend continues, as it was recently announced Jump Design Group has acquired the Cathy Daniels sportswear label. To make the transition a smooth one, it was announced Cathy Daniels president Jerry Passaretti will become part of Jump Design Group, helping to spearhead various aspects of business development.


Preparing to take Cathy Daniels Sportswear to the next level by using its business strategies, marketing campaigns, and customer base to broaden the fashion line’s appeal, Jump Design Group founder Glenn Schlossberg expects to see dramatic results in the coming months. Known for its innovative uses of technology in marketing its products to consumers, Jump Design Group and Glenn Schlossberg have charted a course of action they expect to implement over the next three years. Using innovative aspects of technology to ensure the best products get made available to customers on a continuing basis, this strategy has proven to be successful with other acquisitions Jump Design Group has made in the past.


Known as a fashion industry innovator, Glenn Schlossberg has made a name for himself in the fashion industry by emphasizing collaboration, design, logistics, and marketing with Jump Design Group. Starting in the fashion business by working for his father, who was a renowned dressmaker, Glenn pursued studies at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Taking what he learned there, he started Jump Design Group. In forming this company, he combined traditional and e-commerce business strategies to overtake competitors by creating unique garments that were of the highest quality, yet were manufactured more efficiently and at lower costs than other companies.


As Glenn continues to blaze a unique entrepreneurial path within the fashion industry, Glenn Schlossberg will no doubt be at the forefront of many new and innovative changes along the way. Whether working to acquire yet another small company he can help become an industry leader, or perhaps using his spare time to help the next generation of fashion entrepreneurs, exciting days are ahead for Glenn Schlossberg. Know more about Glenn on