Greg Aziz of National Steel Car

Today’s modern world is one of such an unprecedented level of convenience that generally speaking, most of us tend to forget where our goods come from as well as how it is that they make it to places where they are then distributed.

Many of the products and goods we regularly consume require transportation from their source to a market one way is the long haul with a big rig. It is certainly one way many of the goods get to their destinations but many of us forget that trains and railways still make up a vast portion of the goods transportation industry.

There is one manufacturer of railroad tank and freight cars has been consistently providing the highest level of both quality craftsmanship and timely construction delivering these railway cars since 1912, is National Steel Car. It was founded by several investors, led by Sir John Morrison Gibson and for several years after it began operations, it surprised investors by how rapidly it grew.

National Steel Car continued to grow and thrive through the years up to the depression in the 1930’s. A severe lack of orders caused National Steel Car to discontinue assembling railcars and instead would craft outboard boat motors, bus bodies and engines.


The events of the second World War would see a renewed demand for what National Steel Car was created to craft. These war-time demands gave an abundance of orders that would see a new prosperity and growth within National Steel Car.


Throughout the entire operation of National Steel Car, there has always been a strict policy of customer satisfaction and delivering the highest quality and safest rail cars. All of North America has benefited from the products of National Steel Car, importing on a regular basis to the United States.


National Steel Car was purchased in 1962 by a company called Dofasco and was then later sold to the Hamilton Corporation, National Industries Inc., in 1994. National Industries is owned by Greg Aziz, a Canadian born businessman and a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, majoring in Economics.


Greg Aziz joined his family owned business, Affiliated Foods, in 1971 where he continued the family service of delivering fresh produce to wholesale markets in both Canada as well as the United States, importing produce from Europe, South and Central America. It is with Greg’s ability to bring the best out of people as well as being able to effectively lead National Steel Car to be North America’s best in both quality as well as safety for rail cars.┬á Click Here for additional information.

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