Guilherme Paulus: A Man Who Believes In Tremendous Growth

Most of the people who have toured Brazil know that the tourism industry in that country is strong and advanced. Brazil is a country with some of the largest tour companies and operators today. The tourism industry would not have advanced this much without the input of some passionate and selfless business leaders like Guilherme Paulus. He has contributed a lot to the robust economic growth Brazil is experiencing today. He is a prominent business leader or entrepreneur who understands most of the economic aspects many people fail to know. As the CVC Chairman, Paulus knows how to make the lives of other people better and great. Visit the website to learn more about Guilherme Paulus.

He knows the importance of having thriving businesses in a country. Most of the charity groups in Brazil have grown through his leadership abilities. The growth CVC has shown indicates the kind of a business guru Paulus is. A good percentage of the employment opportunities in the tourism sector in Brazil has come through his commitment and business ideas. He has made tourism one of the flourishing sectors in Brazil. Although Guilherme Paulus had a partner when starting CVC, he played the greatest role in making it successful.

In Latin America, Guilherme Paulus is a famous name, especially in the tourism industry. His business career shows that entrepreneurial achievements come through hard work and determination. Great achievements make someone influential. Starting a company isn’t a big deal as increasing its market value is. Paulus is known to be a social person, unlike many other business people who don’t interact with people once they get to some levels in the business world.


Paulus ventured into the hospitality sector after spending some years operating CVC. GJP Group comprises some of the largest hotels in Brazil. Every department or sector has secrets that make it successful. Although different companies offer their customers satisfaction through different ways, hospitality believes that providing quality customer services is the greatest secret. Andrew premium line, Saint, linx, and five-star are some of the networks Guilherme Paulus has used to succeed in business. He says having a diverse mind is something a great entrepreneur should have. His entrepreneurial skills have made him a winner of several prestigious awards. Read this article at