How to Prepare for Digital Threats

I was recently hacked and victim of a ransomware attack. It sounds silly, but I was literally powerless in my situation and all the experts I spoke with told me the same thing, “you can only prevent it.” Out of options I was forced to pay a sum via a crypto-currency (which took some research to figure out how to acquire) to fix the problem.

I soon realized I was not alone. Ransomware is easy to use with kits available on the dark web for purchase. That means someone without much knowledge can buy a kit and launch attacks from their living room. Cyber crime was estimated to have caused up to $500 billion in damages from 2013-2015, and is projected to cause possibly $6 trillion in damages annually by 2021. This means that hundreds of Americans have said the phrase I was hacked. From a hacker standpoint, the industry is just emerging. Ransomware is the latest fad for hackers and will likely evolve and adapt as the public responds to these threats.


The good news is cyber security is on the rise. You can purchase the same protection corporations use themselves. Companies like Rubica offer peace of mind, world class protection, and can be easily implemented by simply downloading their app onto your devices.


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  • Averi Ty says:

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