How To Secure Your Finances

How Can NexBank Help Your Finances

NexBank got a small start in local area Dallas, Texas, as a personal account financial services group. Today, they have over 500,000+ nationwide customers and also serve industrial and commercial account holders. You can rest knowing your money is backed with over $67.4 billion dollars in assets. Ironically, they also have government backed FDIC insurance. NexBank has attracted their customers with technology financial services and features that saves their customers time and money. Their team of professional experts can help you register for an account online with immediate access to account features upon registration.

NexBank Business News

NexBank has served their customers under the strict guidelines set forth by the financial industry. Their excellence in the banking industry has allowed them to become the recipients of the Financial Compatibility Innovation Award. It is important for them to help their customers with services that will help manage their money. Most people choose a bank because of their services and features and NexBank, delivers. They have recently gained over $20 million dollars in equity to please their stockholders says, their President, John Holt. NexBank gives you more ways to maximize your hard earned money.

Other NexBank News

Now, is a great time to participate in a local area home buyers program by visiting the mortgage tab on the NexBank web portal. They make it easy to realize your dreams of owning a home. Along with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, they’ve been able to help hundreds of families come home to their own. Enjoy a reduced monthly mortgage and lower interest rates under their home owners program. You can also save money with their college savings program to help reduce student loan debt. Save on college tuition and expenses with 1,300 program options to choose from under their education tab.

NexBank Features

– no fee ATM’s

– free checks

– online bill pay options

– secure direct deposit

– live technical support

– financial planning

– and much more…

Become a member of the NexBank Financial Group by registering online today.