How to succeed in real estate according to Adam Milstein

In the American real estate market, a renowned investor is moving mountains. Adam Milstein is a real estate developer from Israel, whose budding career has touched many people’s lives. One of the reasons why Adam has succeeded is his passion for both real estate and philanthropy.

Besides investing in his brokerage firm, Adam spends much of his time giving out hundreds of free books to the Israeli community that lives in the United States. Adam describes the reasons for his success in the following interview with a leading journalist, IdeaMensch:

What are the reasons for your success?

I attribute my success to ambition. Since my ambition knows no bounds, I do not have specific goals. Rather, I do everything in my power to succeed. The people who set out to achieve a few goals do not fail to do so. However, they succeed in limiting themselves, meaning that they do not achieve their potential.

How can you motivate the budding entrepreneurs?

Resilience is instrumental for those who want to realize their visions. The young entrepreneurs are lucky since they have plenty of time to learn from their mistakes. Surely, the challenges will crop up along the way. The resilient people will not take the negative criticism seriously, meaning that they will always forge ahead despite the challenges.

Finding the solution to a specific problem gives you a lot of experience to handle such issues in a better way if they arise down the road. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

How do you overcome failure?

I have learned to overcome failure by taking some positives from my faults. I have developed my modes of operation by learning from my successes and failures. While at school, I made a fortune while selling art at the temples.

However, I tried to get rich quick by doing a mega deal in the quest to strike gold. When the deal went sour, I realized that trying to get the instant gratification is not a good thing.

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