How WebRTC Technology Has Made Bob Reina’s Company Big In The IT World

Talk Fusion is a live video communications company that may not be the first to be named by magazines like Forbes or the Wall Street Journal, but it’s quietly doing things that many other video technology companies might want to take note of.

CEO Bob Reina founded the company in order to help companies build stronger relationships with their clients and partners through one-on-one chat, hosting live meetings and having signup forms for their websites.

Talk Fusion uses WebRTC technology which allows users who have a webcam and internet connection to start a live session without needing any additional software or plugins. Up to 500 people could watch a broadcast on Talk Fusion’s Live Meetings, and the quality is very strong even with average home internet speed. Both small and large businesses have come to like Reina’s product. Read more: Bob Reina Talk Fusion | Huffington Post and Bob Reina| Ideamench

Bob Reina is a Tampa, FL resident who once served with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department. He had stepped down from that job because he felt there were better ways to help people that wouldn’t involve working overtime or detracting from family time. Learn more about Bob Reina:

He explored several multilevel marketing opportunities but none really seemed to last as long as he had hoped.

But he finally found a business idea of his own when he realized he needed a way to send videos through email. It was a task that many telecom companies and even IT consultants said couldn’t be done, but Reina and his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen weren’t about to give up that easily. In 2007, they released a program that was able to embed videos in emails, and it soon evolved into the video marketing company it is today.

Bob Reina often talks about the work Talk Fusion associates put in to earn rewards and how their success is what makes Talk Fusion successful overall. Reina also discusses video creation trends in the columns he writes for the Huffington Post and sometimes for MarTech Advisor.

When he’s not busy at the office, Reina will usually be involved in local fundraisers especially for animal shelter groups like the Tampa Humane Society. Or he might be out walking his dogs.