How Wikipedia Editors have Been Instrumental in Creating Content and How You Can Hire One

Close to 80,000 writers diligently donate their skills and time to edit Wikipedia every month. When compared to professional journalists, these Wikipedia editors and writers are anonymous and work for free. They also work without supervision in an unstructured environment. According to the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia has more than 5 million articles written in the English language and 28 million users who are registered.

The unpredictable nature of Wikipedia to harness the efforts of unpaid writers is discussed by two London School of Economics researchers. These researchers are Stephan Seiler, who is an associate professor who has majored in marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Aleksi Aaltonen, who is an assistant professor of information working at Warwick Business School. Seiler said that he wanted to determine whether the effect of such a free and open production process can be quantified. After thoroughly evaluating 1,310 articles edited more than 63,000 times in eight years, their conclusion was simple. They concluded that when articles are edited, this attracts new editors. Consequently, when new editors first edit a Wiki page it tends to attract more edits. This cumulative effect has accounted for almost half of the edits on articles between 2002 and 2010. Seiler and Aaltonen also concluded that, due to Wiki edits, their articles were longer in quantity and better in quality in their research paper that was published in the journal of Management Science released in July 2016.

Advantages You Get When You Make a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is an excellent platform to brand your business. On this online encyclopedia, you can create and update a Wikipedia page about your business. The created page can result to an improvement in the productivity and reputation of your business. The Wikipedia page also adds a sense of prestige, credibility and authenticity to your brand, business or persona. As an entrepreneur, creating a Wikipedia page is likely to increase the sales of your products and services. Your sales will be increased after the visibility of your business in search engines, such as Google and Bing, is enhanced. Wikipedia usually appears on the top five search results on Google. In order to create a page on the online encyclopedia, you can hire Wikipeida editors from Get Your Wiki website at After visiting the website, you will find Wikipedia experts who offer services such as creating, editing and updating a Wikipedia page.

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