Ian King Is A Grade-A Financial Expert

Most people that attend four-year universities to earn bachelor’s degrees in the field of psychology don’t flip career paths in favor of working in financial services.

There are, as common knowledge suggests, exceptions to every rule – Ian King is one of them.

A brief introduction to the well-known finance guru Ian King

Some years before the turn of the millennium, Ian King enrolled in Lafayette College’s four-year psychology program. Mr. Ian King graduated from the Easton, Pennsylvania-based university ahead of schedule, leaving the majority of his peers whom he studied beside in the private liberal art college’s reputable psychology program in the rearview mirror to eat King’s proverbial dust.

For whatever reason, Ian King struggled to immediately find employment in any field related to psychology. As such, the then-young man – a recent college graduate with great people skills – found that the investment firm Saloman Brothers expressed interest in his workplace potential through a family friend. Visit cryptoprofitsummit.com to know more about Ian King.

And his love for finance begins…

While serving Salomon Brothers for the three-year period directly following King’s successful graduation from Lafayette College, Ian King was responsible for overseeing the mortgage-backed bond trading desk. King’s responsibilities included entering new trades, canceling requested transactions recently entered into the Salomon Brothers’ top-notch digital trading desk, and negotiating potential trades with higher-up decision-makers and clients that the portfolio management business served.

Although Salomon Brothers was – and still is – one of the hottest investment banking groups across the United States of America, Ian King left the firm’s lower-level ranks as a trading desk supervisor in favor of working for Citigroup.

King’s tenure with Citigroup, where he worked in originating derivatives of various forms of credit, didn’t last much longer than his time spent with the well-known investment firm, Salomon Brothers, which was packed to the proverbial brim with experts in the field of math-heavy analysis of financial instruments and other investment opportunities.

Recent projects of Ian King

King most recently worked for Peahi Capital as its lead trading official for an entire decade. He then created Intellicoins, a relatively unheard-of blog that educates readers on cryptocurrencies.

Mr. Ian King has since resigned from the active practice of financial management and wealth management in favor of writing for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ian feels pride on a daily basis to work for a group like Banyan Hill Publishing because its writers collectively educate readers on virtually everything regarding hot topics in finance.

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