Igor Cornelsen, an Investment Banker

Born in 1947, Igor Cornelsen comes from Curitiba, Brazil. Igor went to the Federal University of Parana where he studied engineering. During this time, this was the only engineering school within Parana and Santa Catarina. After two years of pursuing engineering, Igor decided to study economics from the same University. In 1970, Igor graduated and immediately started working at an investment bank. Most engineers at this time used to work in the banking sector because of their ability to compute compound interest rates.

Igor Cornelsen created for him an excellent reputation in the banking industry where he eventually ended working as an investment banker in Rio. Because of his hard work and excellent results Igor kept receiving promotions that saw him become a member of the board of directors of Multibanco in 1974. In 1976, Igor was promoted to become the CEO of Multbanco. However, the Bank of America late acquired Multibanco in 1978 that made Igor chase other opportunities. He joined Unibanco, the most significant investment company in Brazil where he served until 1985. Later on, Igor went to work with London Merchant Bank’s Libra Bank PLC. Working with Libra Bank PLC was the prime time for his career as he would be paid in dollars as well as opening many new opportunities for him.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen later moved to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank with his London colleagues and became one of the Board of Directors members. Besides, he was the Brazil representative for the bank. For the next seven years, Igor became very successful as the Bank’s board of directors. In 1995, Igor left the bank to start his investment company. The company was offering the same services that Igor was providing at the London Merchant Bank. Currently, Igor is an investment manager as well as running his investment fund. Igor found it simple to start his company because of the experiences he had received after working in the banking industry. Igor Cornelsen always follows economies which look attractive to assets. According to Igor, young managers ought to get first-hand information other than just getting opinions from market participants. In addition to this, Igor gets his information directly from Reuters because he believes Reuters delivers good information without bias.

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