Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a South African born in Brazil in 1947. Igor went to the federal university of Parama. He attended engineer school in the year 1965. He also attended economics course after two years of studying engineer. He got out of school in 1970 and started his first job at the investment bank immediately. Igor later joined Multibanco where he served in many positions. He eventually became a member of the board at Multibanco and later the bank’s CEO. From Multibanco, Igor left to Unibanco and later to London Merchant Bank called Libra Bank PLC.

According to Igor Cornelsen, there are five company principles that can make it healthier. The five principles, if well followed can make any organization successful. Firstly, evaluating the strength of an organizational culture is one major way of succeeding. The culture of an organization dictates what is going on in the company. Thus, when an organization has a good culture, it is likely to succeed. Estimating the culture always helps in knowing the current position of the company. Secondly, a company needs a future vision. It is important to have a future goal. A future vision makes employees work harder to achieve it. Moreover, the vision should be achievable and convincing.

Igor’s third principle is developing an organizational strategy. Without a strategy, it is almost impossible to succeed. Good changes will come along if there is an excellent strategy. Igor’s fourth principle states that an organization has to always communicate its values and vision to employees. Employees need to be reminded always of the goals of a company and how best to achieve them. Lack of good communication can lead to divisions within an organization. The last principle according to Igor is assessing and making necessary changes to accomplish the main goal. Success in business is a journey that is full of ups and downs. Hence, it is important to make changes to bring about the best results. Read more on wikidot.com about Igor Cornelsen

Currently, Igor is retired and an investment consultant and lives in South Florida. His major focus at the moment is the stock market. He is a member of Bainbridge Investment Inc. that aspires to bring better uses of the stock market in future. View:http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1122009