Improving the Education Sector with Felipe Montoro Jens

He has gained many years of experience in financial strategy. Felipe Montoro Jens is particularly useful in strategizing for corporations and the people. Most of his ability was developed during his time in Santo Antonio Energia. He worked for the company as a director. Felipe Montoro Jens has a particular interest and focuses on infrastructure. His areas of specialty are the economic waste. Felipe assists governments to establish methods of utilizing wastes and increasing profitability.

One of Felipe’s current projects is the public-private partnerships. According to him, this project is the most suitable way of offering government services. By involving all stakeholders in this method, costs are minimized. The private sector is mainly about making profit, and hence, it will be determined to apply lean financial models. As a result, the project will consume the least amount of money. The government will also deliver services to a higher standard. Read more at to learn more.

The goal of the PPP project is to use a lean budget while delivering high standard services. Mayor Marcelo Crivella is overseeing this plan and intends to achieve several objectives. For example, the project will create 40,000 new jobs in pre-school. By the year 2020, an additional 20,000 will be available in daycare centers. The PPP plan will ensure that implementation of the project happens and maintenance of facilities. Classroom supplies will be available through non-pedagogical services. Currently, the feasibility of this project is still at the investment stage.

Since it is a government project, the government has a significant role to play. Nevertheless, it is not a new format. The mayor advocated it before he even got to the office. Since he represents the government, anticipations are the project will be successful. The roles are well defined for both public and private stakeholders. The private sector will handle construction and administrative maintenance while the public sector will avail the pedagogical services.

Other parties involved are International Finance Corporation, which will be offering consult for the project. IFC has rich experience in similar projects, and it was a welcome choice to avoid criticisms of corruption. When all these partners and stakeholders work together, education in Mexico will experience a vast overhaul and improvement.

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