Jeff Yastine predicts Regtech to be among the next big stories in the technology industry

A number of weeks ago Mr. Jeff Yastine did an article revealing a number of investment opportunities in the technology sector which according to him are poised to be among the most lucrative business organizations in the industry in the coming days. This presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for investors to move in fast and get in the action so that they can get a piece of the cake when the time comes. This is because it is an emerging sub-sector in the technology space which emphasizes on reducing costs especially the ones associated with businesses following industry rules and regulations. He stated that whenever the business environment of any business organization changes there are always regulations that accompany the change hence this makes almost all business organizations part of the potential market for the emerging industry.

The field of technology is referred to as Regulatory Technology (Regtech) and it makes use of advanced tools of technology such as blockchain technology and artificial intelligence together with sophisticated software systems with the main objective of significantly reducing the regulatory costs incurred by business organizations in an effort to increase shareholder value. Bain & Co. a reputable management consulting firm reported that currently there exist more than 80 companies whose main focus is developing solutions for the Regtech sector showing how fast the sector is growing. Most of these firms are currently focused on the financial sector which is one of the most regulated industries which has already warmed up to the Regtech solutions. Check:

Mr. Jeff Yastine goes further to reveal that most of the companies currently developing and offering Regtech solutions are still at their startup phase, privately owned and are relatively unknown given that the industry is still relatively new. This presents a unique opportunity for investors who can get involved now and make good money in the coming days because according to Jeff Yastine the industry will definitely grow exponentially in the coming days as regulations will only increase and the shareholders expect their business organizations to make smart moves adopt such technologies to cut on costs and increase shareholder value.

About Mr. Jeff Yastine

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