Jeremy Goldstein

Anyone that is looking for a lawyer knows that finding the right one is essential if you are going to even have a chance to win. That is where Jeremy Goldstein comes in. As a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, his management of legal teams and experience in corporations and contract law make him the specialist to represent and win everything the client is seeking.


A graduate of New York University School of Law, The University of Chicago,and Cornell, Jeremy Goldstein has helped some of the largest corporate transactions in the past decade of law to become what they are today. He is also Chair of Mergers and Acquisitions for the American Bar Association, and as such, he has spoken and helped teach others on how to successfully practice this area of law effectively. Here are some of the other companies that Jeremy Goldstein has helped over the years.


– Goodrich by United Technologies.

– Duke Energy and Process Energy at Dow Chemical

– Verizon Wireless/ Alltel

– Goldman Sachs

– MBNA Corporation

– Chevron Texaco Corporation

– Bank of America

– Kmart

– AT&T

– Sears Roebucks

– Cingular Wireless

– JP Morgan Chase

– Bank One

– Fleet Boston Financial Group

– South African Breweries

– Miller Brewing Company

– Philips Petroleum Company


On the board of the NYU Journal of Law and Business, the Make a Wish Foundation and several charities for mental illness. These endeavors show that, even as he is helping the great companies of the world get ahead, he has also helped those charities which needed the help.


As a leader in his field, Jeremy Goldstein has blazed a trail for those to come in the world of business. His endeavors has blazed a trail for those yet to come after him.


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