Jeunesse Global Ageless Cosmetics

The owners of Jeunesse decided to release it to the world on September 9, 2009 at 9:00 in the evening. Their point behind opening their new skin care and anti-aging business on this day and at this time was related to the number nine. After all, the number nine is known for representing longevity, which was particularly important to Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who actually left their retired lives just so that they could open Jeunesse and share their innovative products with people from all over the world.

There is a host of skin care and anti-aging products available from Jeunesse, and these products can be shipped to a whopping 88 countries all over the world. After all, the owners of the company want to be able to share their products with as many people globally as they can. These products are just that innovative.

Of course, there are a wide range of products that new customers can try if they would like to give Jeunesse a try. One thing that sets these products apart is the fact that they were formulated by a dermatologist. Those who are looking for real skin care products that actually provide real results can find them with the affordably priced products that are available from Jeunesse.

Jeunesse offers Instantly Ageless, which is a product that works within two or three minutes after use and is designed to provide results for six to nine hours. Those who are looking to rejuvenate their skin and enjoy a more youthful look for the day or for a big event can count on Instantly Ageless to help them.

For those who are looking for basic skin care products that actually work, such as facial cleansers and serums, can find them in the form of the Luminesce line. These products can all be used on their own, or they can be used together for best results.

In addition to the above-mentioned skin care products, there are other anti-aging products available from Juenesse. One thing that long-term fans have been excited about as well as the fact that Jeunesse now offers cosmetics that have anti-aging and overall skin health in mind.