Jeunesse Global Creates Economic Opportunity for Consumers

Across the planet, the United States is held up as a beacon of economic opportunity. The so-called American Way, a system of compassionate capitalism and economic freedom unique to the United States, has generated more wealth than almost anywhere else on the planet.

This incredible economic success story has served as a magnet to the world’s industrious people, drawing them to the United States as a lion is drawn to a herd of Zebras. But many people, for one reason or another, have not been able to immigrate to the Land of the Free. For many of these people, the opportunities that they have to create businesses and prosper in their homelands are not nearly a bright as those that they may have enjoyed had they been born into a first-world country.

Jeunesse Global seeks to change that. The company was founded by direct marketing veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Because the couple had long been rich, the company was not founded as a means to generate even more money for the well-to-do couple. Instead, they wished to create a company that would allow them to give back to the global marketplace that had treated them so well.

They formed Jeunesse Global as a means of providing a real business opportunity to those located outside of the advanced nations of the world, who may not have had access to the same kinds of economic opportunities that so many Americans take for granted.

Both Ray and Lewis based this business plan on the American model of capitalism, with a hierarchy of distributors and a strict meritocratic compensation package that directly encourages industriousness. Jeunesse distributors have up to six ways to earn money, and some of the company‘s top distributors are currently making millions of dollar per year.

Even distributors who are making in the $25,000 range, of which there are many, are often doing spectacularly well. This is because most of Jeunesse Global’s distributors are located in countries where the prevailing wage is measured in cents rather than dollars. Many of the people who have been able to take advantage of the Jeunesse business plan have been able to make life-changing sums of money.