Lori Senecal Leads CP+B to Successful Partnerships


For years now, the world of gender inequality has taken a positive turn with women investing in education and career advancement. Unlike in the past when women’s roles were strictly domestic, the new world has seen women holding managerial positions. One such woman is Lori Senecal, the chief executive officer of an advertising agency called CP+B. She is also the former global executive chairman of an organization called KBS. Lori’s responsibilities in the firm include driving the core vision of the organization to strategic planning and management. She is also responsible for deepening the company’s modern model as well as working with the partners of the company to promote agencies consultation and collaboration.


Lori’s roles extend to leadership where she is in charge of heading client’s partnership to assist in optimizing seamless strategies in organizations capability. At KBS, she capitalized on the company’s growth and vision. In the last five years, Lori pioneered a new strategy geared towards business growth. She ignited the movement that saw KBS rank top agency in the state. According to Lori, it takes more than just career commitment to pursue much in business. She was passion driven towards the project. At KBS, the same passion saw her spearheading the agency to modern technology and content development. The result was a huge brand created by KBS, followed by increased profits.


As a leader holding many managerial positions in companies, Lori Senecal’s advice to career women is inventing the career individual fits. She has supported and generated many successful projects and startups through the agencies she manages. The result of her action has been inspiring employees in the companies as well as growing invention and culture across the management. Lori primarily offers product insight and advice through her leadership skills. She does this by speaking engagements, workshops, conferences and television appearances. In 2013, Lori made a name for herself when Ad Age Women named her one of the women to watch in 2014. In the same year, Lori bagged the Quantum Leap Award.


Lori is the current chief executive officer of CP+B. She oversees the firm’s expansion, growth and strategy development. She also coordinates all events and decision-making processes while focusing on global development. Since 2015 when she joined CP+B, she has successfully created new global agency strategies. Loris leadership and complete focus on talent development have massively contributed to the company’s development.

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