Madison Street Capital Is Eyeing Potential Small And Medium Size Mergers In 2017

Fresh off being nominated as a finalist for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, Madison Street Capital founders, Charles Botchway and Tony Marsala are not looking back on past accomplishments. Botchway and Marsala are looking toward the future and the opportunities that exist in the merger and acquisition industry in 2017. That’s not to say both men are honored for being recognized as managing one of the top boutique investment firms in the industry. It’s always an honor to be singled out for excellent work, especially in the investment industry. The Madison Street Capital reputation is solid in the industry, and the M&A Advisor Awards are a great way to showcase that reputation.



Chicago-based Madison Street Capital is known as a boutique investment firm. That means Madison Street Capital likes to work with small and medium size companies in the United States and in other countries that want to grow through a merger or by being acquired by another company. For the last ten years, mergers and acquisitions have contributed to the bottom lines of hundreds of companies in the U.S. and offshore. The fact that the stock market is in the bull mode, and the U.S. economy is holding firm, has helped companies maintain solid balance sheets. And new mergers and acquisitions have given new life to unhealthy corporations. The Madison Street Capital strategy is to align the right company with another company that wants to expand through a joint relationship. Some corporate executives think merging, or being acquired, is the right thing to do, but in many cases, that’s not true. Mergers can backfire, and Botchway is quick to make that point. If regulators and shareholders get in the way, good deals can go sour in a hurry.



Even though there are risks, Madison Street Capital executives are always positive about the potential mergers. Botchway and Marsala have several potential mergers in the works, and investors and shareholders would love those to finalize those transactions in the months or years ahead. Madison Street Capital likes to call the mergers, “dream mergers” until all the ingredients for a successful merger fall in place. There are a number of variables, and they could derail a dream merger at any time during the negotiating process. But the executive team at Madison Street Capital are aware of those challenges, and they usually have a plan to overcome those variables. That’s why Madison Street is an award-winning boutique investment firm. The executives do their homework.


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