Malcolm Casselle: Successful Blockchain Entrepreneur

The meteoric rise of the price of bitcoin late last year caught the attention of nearly anyone who wasn’t already enthralled by the new and exciting technology that underlay the digital currencies success. Bitcoin is built off of a simple yet complex technology known as blockchain which allows transactions to take place on an immutable ledger which eliminates the need for third parties. Yet over the course of 2018 many people began to ignore the technology due to the fact that bitcoin lost over 80% of its value. Yes, there is more to bitcoin than its price. The technology that bitcoin is built off of is applicable in many areas.

Malcolm Casselle is a successful entrepreneur that has helped to implement blockchain technology successfully in several companies. His most recent accomplishment has been as the president of his own company worldwide asset exchange where he was able to raise over $100 million in capital for the new decentralized marketplace that seems to hold the promise of revolutionizing the exchange of digital assets. Yet even before this Malcolm Casselle had already found success utilizing blockchain technology as the chief investment officer of OPSkins the world’s largest marketplace for an online video game in game sales.

Malcolm Casselle has stated that he believes that his company worldwide asset exchange will be able to eliminate the two largest issues that have plagued digital transactions since they are beginning. The issue of fragmentation and fraud. Due to the global nature of transactions that occur digitally, there is usually a need for a third party in order to facilitate transactions. The use of blockchain and smart contract technology should eliminate the need for these third parties allowing business to be conducted more efficiently between users around the world. Additionally, thanks to the immutable nature of blockchain technology it should be all but impossible for fraudulent activity to take place on the new worldwide asset exchange. Users will be able to conduct business amongst themselves utilizing wax tokens the currency of the Worldwide Asset Exchange. Malcolm Casselle believes that this technology will help to revolutionize the entire industry of digital assets.

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