Mark Hutchinson’s Commitment to Wildlife

Mark Hutchinson is a wildlife and environmental advocate. His earliest memories are all related to enjoying the great outdoors: mustering sheep, riding horses, fly-fishing and crawling into wombat holes. He was born in the adventurous Australia. Straight out of high school, he spent a year as a jackaroo. During this time period, Hutchinson traveled the length of Africa by car. Hutchinson received his Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney. He then went on to earn an MBA from INSEAD Business School, France. Currently, Hutchinson is in the process of completing a Masters of Conservation Biology degree at Macquarie University.


Mark Hutchinson has experienced great success in the corporate world. Inspired by the year he spent as a jackaroo, at the young age of 22 Hutchinson started his first business. The company he developed was Untamed. Untamed wanted to take people deep into nature, by tending to upscale customers who have lost touch with nature. During his time at Untamed, Hutchinson discovered that no matter where a person came from, nature can be an ultimate “leveler”. Learn more:


During Mark Hutchinson’s time at INSEAD Business School, he developed a business plan for Untamed. As a result of this plan, the company eventually evolved into the ecotourism and training business, Avana. After selling Avana in 2013, and watching it fail, Hutchinson left the corporate scene and pursued Wild Ark a business focused on preserving the world’s fragile ecosystems.


During an interview, Hutchinson was asked how the mission for Wild Ark came along. Hutchinson responded with grace saying he thinks it is his place to help the environment and other people. According to Hutchinson, the ultimate goal of Wild Ark is to buy, protect and restore the most high-value diverse land as they can and to build sustainable businesses on the land, thus, protecting and continuing those ecosystems. Learn more: