Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger started working with a little girl named Sadie Keller to find ways to help out children who are in the hospital fighting against the terrible illness cancer. Sadie Keller was diagnosed with cancer around the age of seven. They type of cancer that she had attacks your blood and bone marrow. Sadie Keller fought a long hard fight and eventually beat the awful disease. Sadie Keller understands first hand what these children are going through, and wants to do everything that she can to help them get through the hard times.

Sadie Keller worked hard to set up the Sadie Keller Foundation. Matthew Fleeger got the privilege of working alongside the Sadie Keller Foundation on a toy drive. Sadie Keller wanted to collect toys to be able to hand out to children that were going to be in the hospital during the holiday season. She knows that these children are going to be experiencing some hard times during the holiday season being away from their families and homes. She wants to give them a little hope. Matthew Fleeger wants to help her reach this goal.

Like Sadie Keller Matthew Fleeger finds it important to be able to help others. He devotes most of his career to being able to help others. Changing peoples lives is very important to Matthew Fleeger, and knowing that he can help children is even better to him. Children that are going through something like cancer are really struggling in life. Matthew Fleeger knows that if he can do something even as simple as collecting toys to hand out to them and allow them to forget and smile for just a little bit then he is changing lives. Matthew Fleeger wants others to realize that no matter how small the thought may be helping others helps yourself as well.