Michael Zomber Is Very Passionate About Samurai Culture

Michael Zomber has spent nearly his entire life collecting antique Japanese weapons and studying Japanese history. With such tremendous experience, he found it quite easy and enjoyable to share his passion for these subjects with the rest of the world. One of his most notable publications is called Shogun lemitsu, which is a novel about samurai warriors in 17th-century Japan. This book focuses on two samurai fighters who are brave enough to challenge the government and overthrow the ruthless Shoguns. In a recent podcast, Michael Zomber opened up about his fascination with samurai customs and other unique traditions of Japan. The online interview also explains everything that went into the publication of Shogun lemitsu.

When it comes to writing novels, Michael Zomber is fully qualified for the job. In fact, his extensive academic resume includes several degrees in literature and other majors from prominent institutions of higher education like UCLA and Villanova University. Additionally, Zomber has spent many years building his knowledge of global history by traveling worldwide. More specifically, he has always focused on studying military history and anything else that is related to weapons.

Zomber’s professional portfolio also includes some appearances on mainstream television. The History Channel invited him to appear as a guest historian on shows like Guns of the Orient. In this program, he offers some interesting commentary on weapons that have been used in Asian countries for generations. More specifically, he explains the details of samurai swords and other traditional weapons that were used to revolutionize Japan’s leadership.

Aside from writing books and collecting weapons, Michael Zomber also enjoys making films. In fact, he runs his own independent production studio that is called Renascent Films. His wife Andrea also plays a major role in managing this film studio. Michael Zomber launched numerous documentaries through this studio including the Soul of the Samurai.

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