Mr. Louis R. Chenevert Knows What He is Doing

Mr. Louis R. Chenevert became the chairman and CEO of UTC in 2006. During the years that he has worked for the company, he achieved significant strides for UTC. This man is someone who is a successful individual, and UTC would not be at the place it is at today if it were not for his help and all that he did for them. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert had experience working for such companies as General Motors before he started working for UTC, and he knew what he needed to do to lead the business that he was now working for on to success.

When the economy is not doing too well, those businesses that focus on manufacturing can suffer. It can be hard for a person to keep a company doing well when people do not have the money that they used to have. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert helped to take care of UTC in a time when the economy was not doing great. In a time when that company could have failed, he led them on and helped them to be successful. United Technologies Corporation was able to thrive when other companies were failing, all because Mr. Louis R. Chenevert knew what he was doing and he was prepared to lead that business.

Mr. Louis R. Chenevert helped UTC by pushing them to create new products and to try new things. He helped the company to become a little more diverse, and that allowed the company to make it when other companies were failing. His effects are still clear since his resignation in 2014. When someone like Mr. Louis R. Chenevert knows what they are doing, and they are ambitious enough to take the lead, that kind of person can make a world of difference for a company. UTC might not have made it through tough economic times if it were not for the leading of Mr. Louis R. Chenevert.